Washing Machine in Perth Kitchen!!

I was told that you couldn't put a washing machine in a Perth kitchen. Well this guy did it? Is that allowed?

Washing Machine in a Perth Kitchen


A complete renovation including brand new wooden flooring, carpets, paint, AMAZING kitchen (Complete with in-built washing machine and.....
We inspected a unit on the Gold Coast many years ago where a combination washer/drier had been fitted in to the kitchen.
That's not strictly an inbuilt washing machine - I want to do the same thing in the laundry here. Its a kitchen bench with space under it, the wm sits on the floor under the bench. Frontloaders are just the right size to do that kinda thing with. If you bought that house, odds are it would come with a big empty space under the bench with taps behind it ...
good work - we did this in our bathroom but same deal.

it's been done in europe since the front loading washing machine was invented - bugger knows why it hasn't caught on here in flats and apartments.

it always looks good and looks smart, like someone's actually thought about it.

beats the communal laundry!
I am about to begin the process of moving 4 outdoor laundries to inside a 4 unit complex. In means I regain use of 400sq on a separate title on the rear of the property as well as the privacy benefits for the tenants. I see some high end new units having the washing machine in the kitchen as well.
My friend had a WM in her kitchen, not nice to sit around having a coffee and chat, listening to it.

Bathroom is a much better idea.
Given a choice I'd prefer it in the bathroom.

Dirty clothes near my food isn't enticing, especially given the way my sons clothes smell.:eek::eek:

When our unit becomes vacant we are considering removing the VERY large hot water system. Replacing it up on the wall with a smaller one and putting in a small washing machine. It currently has a shared laundry.
I agree with washing machine in bathroom over kitchen if given the choice. When I was apartment shopping I noticed some had the washing machine in the nice new kitchens and didn't appeal to me at all. The place I ended up purchasing has a "European Laundry", so basically just a cupboard off my bathroom but at least the washing machine and basket are hidden. However, if I were a tenant I wouldn't even consider a home with a communal laundry (although I'm very fussy, so I find it quite disgusting sharing washing machines with strangers, not to mention the inconvenience), so would prefer washing machine in kitchen over that option.
My partner and I are thinking about doing this with our laundry bathroom also.

Our PPOR is very small, 12 SQ, and im sick of walking sidways in the bathroom to get to the loo !!! Hahahaha

Our bathroom and laundry are joined together. We are considering knocking down the wall that seperates them and creating one space to house the bathroom and laundry needs. Pending approval from an engineer etc to make sure it is safe to do so.

Anyone else done this?


Our bathroom and laundry are joined together. We are considering knocking down the wall that seperates them and creating one space to house the bathroom and laundry needs.
Would love to - our joining bathroom/laundry wall is a non-structural asbestos afterthought in a stone house - but we do have to sell this place reasonably soon so budget doesn't permit.

With a bigger room it could have the washing machine in a cupboard, nice big linen press, bath, shower (OMG a separate shower stall!), vanity and loo and ... you wouldn't have to squeeze past the vanity to get to the loo :)

What we're *actually* going to do is either just paint the bathroom (currently bright blue on all surfaces and blue/white tiles) or paint and retile. Probably just the former considering I'm going to be fat soon and am not going to feel like tiling in a confined space. I'm the household tiler, partner just can't get the things on straight. If we only paint, the new owner can rip out the joining wall themselves and put in a $10k designer bathroom.