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From: Juana Atkins

Hi I'm Wonder Woman? and I'm gathering info at a thousand miles an hour from this forum in order to prepare for our 90% possible transfer to Sydney from Auckland NZ in 4 or so months.

I am interested in making as many contacts as possible in the Sydney area.
I intend to do flips and wraps. I have attended a wrap seminar in NZ but now want to learn to do it Aussie style. I want to purchase the wrap documentation if it is available and I suspect that it is.

I can see that Steve McKnight is THE MAN but if there is anyone more local I'd love to hear about them.

Tony Baldwin may be the answer but I don't have any way of contacting him. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

Wonder Woman?
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From: Mike .

Hi Juana,

If you do as well as the Kiwi racehorses that come over here in the Spring and Autumn then you will cash-in big time.

I just got back a few minutes ago from a Wrap seminar in Sydney which was organised by Frode. There were about 20 audience members, half of which are already subscribing to Steve McKnight's Inner Circle on his website. Most people there were info gathering but a minority had done some wraps. So it's still green fields here.

The Wrap speaker was Tony Wilkinson who spoke for about an hour and used the overhead projector to show the numbers. Tony seems to be taking a leaf out Steve's book and is offering to help people start their Wrapping careers.

He will:
1. share all document templates with you.
2. answer any questions that you have.
3. help you prepare to purchase your first property and then finance it.
4. help you find your purchasers and then qualify them.
5. assist you in establishing the administrative side once you have sold the property.

Naturally, there is a cost structure with different options, so I'd suggest emailing Tony for those and his info sheets at:
The company he trades under is North Rocks Pty Ltd
ACN: 090 829 440
ABN: 71 090 829 440

Before Tony began his presentation, Frode, in his introduction, casually mentioned a mystery speaker who might turn up later. The mystery speaker did turn up and it was the MAN himself, Steve McKnight with his business partner, David. What was he doing in Sydney? Apparently, editing a video.

Steve, spoke for about an hour and a half, mainly about his wrap and investment philosophies and also fielded questions.
He also mentioned some things he has in the pipeline, of an educational nature to help investors and wrappers. He sees the Inner Circle, not just as a forum like this one where you hope someone will reply if your lucky, but as a support network where documents will be available to download, answers given by legal and tax specialists, opportunities to network with other wrappers etc.

If you're serious about this then join the Inner Circle before the price goes up. Steve mentioned it will in a couple of months. Good Luck.

Regards, Mike
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From: Juana Atkins

Mike, Thank You VERY VERY much for your detailed reply.
I can't wait to get going. I'm glad that it is still green fields there in Aussie as it is indeed here in Kiwi land.

I think Wraps are a very exciting concept, they certainly motivate me!

Again, thank you so very much for taking the time to help me.

bye from the land of the long white cloud......

Wonder Woman?
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