water charges in hervey bay

I'm going through the management agreement and the reasonable amount of water was filled with 120klts for every 4 months, it's 1kl/day I have to pay for the tenant. It seems too high for me so I phone the widebay water whom in charge of water billing (after I already search all the related posts in ss), and the guy say average water usage in the area is 600-700ltrs/day and 80klts/4month will give tenant plenty to use, but the agent still insists. How do you know how much water is a reasonable amount? and what the agent bases on to decide how much is reasonable? ta.
Hi Phan,

We allow 120kl every six months which we feel is reasonable. Anything over that and the user pays.

The Gold Coast City Council said a few weeks ago that the average household here uses 600l per day but I guess it depends on the size of the tenants family.


600 Litres a day for the average household in SE Qld would be about right.

Since Target 140 the average in SE Qld has dropped to around 127 Litres per person a day.

Every little drop saved helps i guess.
Thanks Tanya and Bazza.
I crossed out 120kl, put in 80kl/4months, sent back to the agent and they went ahead without a fuss :rolleyes: Don't know why they told me about unable to change water charge amount :D