Waterproofing Driveway and external walls.

Hi all

Had a building inspection done on a potential unit today. The guy said the overall building condition was very good but it needs waterproofing as water ingress is showing damp in the walls where water would collect outside. So Is this just a case of using something like Thomsons Water Seal or something similar?
Do i treat all the way up to the roof with sealer or just say a meter up the wall?

Anyone got some recommendations to products or what/how and where to apply?
This is conflicting information. Normally "damp" in the walls is an "old building" problem due to lack of, or break in the damp course. This is normally pretty expensive to repair. What exactly are the walls made of ? Normally driveways etc should slope AWAY from walls so water flows AWAY. Water pooling against walls ( of any sort) is also not good design nor a good sign.