We have all been called #$&+'s


I have posted a reply, lets see if it gets through the censoring and is posted.

Basically along the lines of IP investing isnt risk free, and the only way to minimise risks is to educate oneself...

Crying poor and claiming the property dream is unobtainable doesnt cut it, as with a little education property is within everyones reach...People have got to manage expectations and get themselves a financial education!!!

What is everyones thoughts??? This type of %&$# gets under my skin more than just about anything!!!
I didn't get quite all the way through that cr@p, but there's one thing i must say.

If a person is homeless, it's mostly their problem they're homeless! Whether there was property investors or not, they wouldn't be able to afford it because many are too busy spending it on drugs!

What an idiot, without investors some people would never be able to afford to live in a property, and for others they may not be able to afford to live in their massive homes.

Envious drop kicks like that get to me, they're unsucessful, so they try to bring anyone trying to make a living down.
Did you know, there is a high rate of homeless people with mental illness. It's hardly their fault :(

I don't think the article is particularly well written though. Meh, must've been a slow news day.

Depends what the mental condition is, and to what extent. Yes, there are some that can't help it, thus why i specifically said "mostly their problem".
Another clueless person who has no idea whatsoever. I can't be bothered with that sort of thinking. Got better things to do, like buy another property to really pl$$ him off.:cool:
Haha! Wow this comment made me laugh:

Nothing like a bit of uneducated envy.

Funny this is that if everybody was educated, then there wouldn't be any margins lol. So we have those uneducated (all relative obv) and envious to thank for making property the wealth mechanism that it is/can be!!!
If we buy a property and just leave it empty,I would agree with him,however when we buy a property,some homeless person lives in it and if we happen to be neg geared,we pay the extra,not them :cool:
I didn't get past the first sentence:

If you own your own home today, then you’re lucky. If you own two homes, then you’re luckier still,

How am I lucky, I didn't win my house, I got off my **** and worked to pay for it, just like anyone else can if so inclined.
Tsk tsk....

All of you nasty residential slum-lords pinching those houses and units away from good folk who just need a home. You should be ashamed of yourselves. :)
All of you nasty residential slum-lords pinching those houses and units away from good folk who just need a home. You should be ashamed of yourselves. :)

At least we're better than those rapacious capitalists who would buy shopping centres and ramp up the price of food as a result!

Gotta love those leases with turnover provisions! :p
We have all been called #$&+'s!

First of all I would like to thank him for the compliment.

Second I would like to thank him for the article deterring people thinking about buying houses, as it would bring prices up if too many are buying.

Third I really hope his readers spread the word so that more people rent than own.

Fourth, as for Jack Marx himself is just an A$$ who is the one creating absolutely nothing.
We create housing and employment in exchange for hocking our lives to the banks.
Jack would not have the balls to do it obviously.
I found the "comments" better written and more articulate then the article in question... as a result it barely elicited more then a smile before being dismissed from mind. People with a lower intelligence level then my 4 yr old DD don't warrant me being concerned about how they veiw the world.