Website that shows vacancy rates for a suburb

Hi SS'ers

A few days ago I came across a great link on SS - for a website that would show vacancy rates for a suburb.

Could anyone enlighten me as to where this website is please? I've searched through my browser history but there's about 10000 sites there, so it's not getting me closer to finding out the name of the website :confused:

Hmm, I did search google, with all sorts of variations on rental vacancy website

Thanks very much!! :D
Doesn't work out here where a lot of people advertise with a bit of paper stuck on the community noticeboard though. Maybe Black Dragon needs to install a webcam in our supermarket, pointing at said noticeboard ;)
This is an interesting site and defenitely offers guidance...but what i'm after is a site that can indicate average rent for houses or units in a certain suburb or street.

those something like this exist please?
Ah ha! you are a gem! i knew I'd seen a site with that informaiton before and I've been reading through the forum to find it ........ obviuosly in the wrong spots :confused:

I'll start making notes of what all sites offer now! thanks again! :D
API also has it in the back of the mag.

However for those in NSW I have been using a great site. Surprisingly it is from out Govt and the Dept of Housing. They gather all the lodged bond board info and you can download spreadsheets that show postcode by postcode the median rent for 1br, 2br 3br units and 2br 3br 4br houses all individualised on their own Excel tab!

Hope this helps


PS Now I am giving away my secret research websites that I give to course participants. After 10 years of finding websites to locate properties for myself I thought it was about time to share them. This link is really handy and also has past sales data. Good luck.
No problem it is amazing the information out there. You just need the time, inclination end enough red wine to persist in finding them.

Glad it helped.
Hi all, I've drummed up an old thread. Does anyone know of a website or source where I can get vacancy rates by suburb split between houses and units?

SQMresearch does it by suburb but doesn't split between dwelling type.