I typed Kiyosaki dodgy into Google and came up with this site. It's The guy is an Australian Financial Planner that has a series of articels for you to look at. The Kiyosaki related one is at: Those Wealth seminars in the Ripoffs section. You can find the different sections at the top of the page.
It also has some good stuff about Lease Options and how L.O.s screw the tenant so badly. Be warned though: it is similar to John Reed's stuff, in that it is not going to be to everyone's liking. He just tells it like it is. Enjoy!

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there's also a good and detailed section on real estate investing, I'm still looking through it, I'll let ya's know how it is.

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Okay, a bit more. I've been trawling through the various sections, came upon the books to read section. Jan's book Creating wealth... gets a bit of a serving. Claims that the book is overly simplistic and also attacks her for saying you can't make good money in shares. Take the comments as you will, I'm impartial. The guy has an opinion and the right to express it. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

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P.S. Before anyone goes accusing me of anything, I like Jan's books, I have them all (except the first booklet) and enjoyed every single one of them. I do believe you could do a lot worse than reading them, like reading Kiyosaki or De Roos for example.
Dear Mark,

Looks good and Travis Morien seems like a no "b/s man".

A rare commodity. Thanks for sharing it.


One more. I strongly suggest people check out the time values section, it is so excellent you will almost not believe it. Have a look! Right now! Why are you still reading this? Go there now!

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Download the whole site

You can download the whole site (approx 2.5 Mb) go to the Start section then Download Entire Site

You get a zip file with the entire FAQ.

Well worth the download time I think