Wedding Humour

My son in laws cousin got married last weekend and the wedding vows went something like this -

Do you ****(her) promise to take ***(him) and his love of the Manly Sea Eagles for better or worse. Do you promise to let him go to at least half of the Manly games each season, and when watching the games at home with 'the boys' play hostess with the beer and snacks. And so on....

Do you ****(him) promise to take ***(her) and her love of shoes for better or worse. Do you promise not to complain about the amount of shoes she has or how much they cost. And so on....

My grandson aged 2.5 was page boy and we wondered if he'd take the ring pillow up 'nicely' when the time came as the wedding was during his nap time and he'd only had a short nap and woken up a bit grumpy then started to sag a bit during the ceremony. Being 2.5 he does clever things almost on a daily basis so is forever being told he's Awesome. Consequently he gets around telling everyone "Ethans awesome". When it came time to call him up at the wedding, the celebrant called for Ethan Awesome to come forward and off he went up to his uncle with the pillow and said "here ya".

Previous to the wedding, on the bucks weekend (whatever happened to bucks nights?!) the buck was dressed in a mankini (a la Borat) and taken to Bondi beach. As if the beach isn't usually busy enough, this day there was also 2 busloads of Japanese tourists, a radio station running a promo which had attracted a large crowd and they were filming Bondi Rescue! It's quite on the cards he'll feature in it in coming weeks because cameras were definitely on him/them while they were there.
Best man at a friends wedding stands up for his speech....

Thanks all for coming, I have the privilidge of being the best man and giving this speech. As all good best men do, I looked on the internet for a speech. Turns out you should only talk as long as the groom can last in bed, so thank you all for coming.

And sat down.

another mate that just had his a few weeks ago, had the imperial march for the bridal party coming into the reception
i had in my vows the promise not to torment hubby every 28 days ... seem to be sticking to it ... maybe should ask him?