Welcome everyone! Lets PARTY!!!


Hello everyone, Welcome to the FANTASTIC NEW FORUM!!!

It will take a little getting used to, but it really is fantastic.
There are lots and lots of new features, and a great interface!

Lets all make what was a great forum EVEN BETTER!

Also, a special THANKS to Ian and Jan, and Sim, without whom this would not have been possible!!!

Go forth and post!

Asy :D

(Did I make it, is this the first post??????)
Yeah - I've got to go with the "Thumbs Up" symbol too. This forum style has a cartload of new features, and will not be affected so much by a heavy load (according to Sim' - and he should know :cool: )

Great stuff, one and all - it's been fun, and will continue to be I'm sure.

Thank you, Ian and Jan, ONCE MORE !!! And special thanks to Sim' for all of the work he's done too!!
hehehehe I hope I can learn something from here now that the forum seems faster than the old one would encourage me to read more I hope

so when's the official launch ?
we can party later... let's invest!

Good to see the new forum... thanks to Ian, Sim and all for the new forum... loking forward to it all
Originally posted by muppie
so when's the official launch ?

What ? Were you expecting champagne and cocktail wieners ? Consider it launched :)

By the way... this is the last off topic thread like this that will be allowed in this forum - so enjoy it !

Any other general chat topics will be deleted or moved to the Coffee Lounge.

Have fun !
omigod - we've created a monster !!! :eek:

By the way... this is the last off topic thread like this that will be allowed in this forum - so enjoy it !
Congrats Ian & Jan on the new forum & thanks to everyone involved in getting it up & running :)
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G'Day All,

Very Impressive!!!

Congrats to all that have got this show up and running.

Now to try to figure out how all this works.

Yes......thanks Ian, Sim etc for all the behind the scenes work.....

Also a big vote of thanks to all those who are donating their time and energy as moderators. It's appreciated.

I'm sure the new format will be a huge success!

I finally got in to post.....

I'm here, I'm here.....

Cool new site Ian and Sim, thanks for your time in getting it up and running.

Sim' remember the days when we did the change from the very first style forum to the one we are now leaving behind. Wow, hasn't this forum moved on since those days.:D

Takes a bit to learn to navigate but it looks like it's going to be grand

Well done Sim Ian and all involved for the fantastic effort!!

I am having an absolute ball with the new forum.

It looks great, and I cannot believe how speedy it is.

I especially love the new tax section.
Well done to all those involved for looking after the forum members.

Hi all

Congrats Ian, Jan & Sim !! i think that this new forum is a great move, and is so much faster than the old forum. I look forward to getting the hang of all the new features.

Happy posting !!

Simon H

It's a doozy!

I am glad that this particular brand of bulletin board software has been selected. It is probably the best around.

Long may it live and bring value to all!

Desto. :cool: