Welcome to the Coffee Lounge

Hello! and welcome to the Coffee Lounge.

This IS THE PLACE TO BE! Come, sit down, have a rest and enjoy the chat.

We are not confined to any specific topic, so feel free to chat about whatever comes to mind, (But please remember we are G-Rated).

Also, you are welcome to test out the new forum features here. Its great, and I’m sure you’ll love it!

Just make sure you visit here often. If you have any questions, Asy and I will be only too happy to help. Oh, and don't forget the tip jar is on the counter!!

Ruby :)
Gee - it's really strange, isn't it - that "Go Live" certainly took me by surprise. And now, here we are wandering through a house with very little furniture in it - and BRAND NEW.

Exciting, and a wee bit un-nerving....:( But we'll get by!!

We'll paint a room or two, sink a couple of cold.. whoops, I mean coffees and, before you know it, this bare place will be FULL of colour.

G'day Asy, and Ruby - give me a Cappucino, thanks ;)

Jeez, I'm gunna have to work on this COLOR thing, aren't I ;)

Ah, that's better !!!
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This certainly is a nice new place to sit & enjoy the surrounds..btw Ill have a capuccinno with one sugar, shaken not stirred!
I'm a bit nervous....this is my first post :confused: hehe

Great forum, thanks to all involved.

Ruby, asy; I really like what you've done with the Coffee Lounge, it looks great.

I haven't told asy and Ruby that we can create a custom colour scheme and use it just for this forum. If I did that - they might pester me to create one for them so they can decorate properly !
I'll have a 1/2 caf decaf, with a bit of froth and two sugars

It's the chatters room.

Lets see if my signature works are the bottom of this post....

...we need to talk...


Be sure to talk with TW before you pick up a paint tin ;)

(some ladies with paint tins can be downright DANGEROUS !!)
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Thanks for the heads up Les...


I said Paint can, not pressurised SPRAY CAN, and I will try to refrain from hammering nails in with it...

OK?? ;)

asy :D
Phil, phil phil phil phil...

What a SILLY Question...

There's Vodka under the counter... at least!


asy :D
finally made it in.....

Well I finally got in here........now just got to figure out how it all works....... :confused: oh I wish I was not so hopless on the computer:(
The new site looks amazing, can't wait to wade through it all.
Hi Asy

Last time I spoke to you you were down south

Have you solved last years problem?

email me direct if you prefer

Hey Chris!!

Yeah, I fixed my problem... It cost me 30k and all my property to get rid of the ex, and keep the kids... Worth every cent.

I am starting again with nothing but wisdom!

I am working on my own agency. Getting there...

Thanks for asking, and thanks for your help last year!!!

Oh, and, no, I am no longer down south, I am up north!! hehe
I moved to BNE.

asy :D
I am pleased for you

It must have taken guts to do what you did so give the kids a hug
and go on to bigger and better things.

I can see it will be much cheaper in the long run to maintain a good relationship with my hubby...
Tough stuff asy, good on you for coming out the other side with such a positive attitude.
Cheaper fiscally, but much dearer psychologically in my case! (As those who met my ex will attest) hehehe

Thanks for your kind words, Chris and Felicity!

I am fine, yes it was really scary packing the kids and the cats and moving to BNE, but it has been so good for all of us!

I am really excited to be involved in the investing scene, and am working on getting back into Real Estate. I have taken the past year off to "restructure life" and have enjoyed doing it. The kids are doing so well here that it really makes me smile! (Thank goodness for backyards full of lizards and Grasshoppers!!!)

This past year has been a catharsis, and I am ready now for bigger and better things.

Also, thanks to the whole chat community for their support when things were really bad. (Especially to those who helped me pack and those who came to my Leaving Melb party - You know who you are, and I have photographic evidence for those of you who spent too much time 'drinking coffee')

The people on here have made such a difference to me this last year, it is really a 'family' not just a forum.

asy :D
Hello Ruby ,
I just found my way in !!! I knew you would make it to the top one day & here you are .
regards & best wishes ,