Welcome to The Interview……Somersoft Style!

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    5th Mar, 2001
    Many thanks to Pitt St for his initiative in getting this off the ground and also for his help in formulating the questions. This has come about from his thread and poll http://www.somersoft.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26691

    After numerous discussions with both Pitt St and the Moderation team it was decided to have a closed conference, therefore leaving the interviews as valuable stand alone resources for all members. Any discussions regarding the interviews can be held in the general forum.

    We will endeavour to interview a wide range of Somersoft members over time, investing in all areas and with all levels of experience. We hope you enjoy this new forum area and find it of huge benefit and a valuable resource.

    Somersoft Property Investors Forum is the success it is because of its members and we hope you enjoy reading some of their stories.