Well presented fibro home

That is good professional photography - at least it impresses me ;)

The only thing I can find that spoils it, are the wedding photos in several shots. That's the last thing a prospective buyer wants to see when they are trying to visualise themselves in the property. I'm surprised the photographer did not get them to remove them for the shoot. :eek:
for sure, the house photos were brilliant, and thought exactly the same thing about the wedding ones. too much like " our place" not "your place"
Well presented home, great photos. I agree that the wedding photos should be packed away.

My main concern is "where is the fibro"?
My main concern is "where is the fibro"?

my thoughts exactly - looked like a beautifully renovated weatherboard to me.

however, does show what good photography, angles and light can do.

as for personal photos - i find it uncomfortable to have the current owners, 20 - 30 - 40 years ago, starting at me from every wall in the house. i don't mind a funky modern photo of the family, but cannot stand "old" photos all over the walls ... come to think of it, i don't have a single photo on the wall in my house. much prefer artwork that reflects the inner self.
The wedding photo's aren't a good look - your eyes end up looking at them instead of the room.

The lighting and shadows of outside property looks brilliant. If it goes to auction it should be worth watching.

I thought it was an old fibro home but maybe it was a weatherboard??

My friend did some of the extensions (new garage, extended part of the kitchen, room with french doors/leadlight windows leading to outdoor area, built new pool, etc.) and sold it about 5 years ago. I can barely remember what it looked like before reno's but current owners have renovated/built more also.

Can an agent pull up a pick from about 10 years from RP Data?

Could imagine a couple of boozy nights by the Pizza Oven with mates galore.... pity its not in sydney....
Yer it was a great party place, even before the pizza oven was built.

It's "under offer" already. The Perth market has really taken off. I've been looking at a few properties but they keep selling before I see the inside.