Wellard vs Kwinana

Hi, I am considering buying a property - either build in Wellard or buy in Kwinana (or surrounds)

This will be my first property

Goal: 1) to buy a property and live overseas on the rent for a few years (while earning minimal). 2) To move into the house on return to Oz

Deposit: $220k
Current salary: $80k

Wellard advantage: New house with hopefully little maintenance problems
Wellard disadvantage: no possibility for later expansion after returning home
Wellard disadvantage: hundreds of new houses and potential rental glut

Kwinana advantage: big block with the possibility of putting on a granny flat later and increasing rental yields
Kwinana disadvantage: old house with potential maintenance issues

Any comments? Or perhaps even steer clear of Perth and surround for a while?

Thanks :)
Oh yes, I forgot to add that.

Preferable budget about $320k. Want to keep loan to $100k tops (I have additional cash for fees etc)
Is it even true that old houses have more maintenance problems than new ones?
Sometimes plumbing if trees invade the old clay pipes. I have two old houses and one "new" house. So far, both old houses have had the pipes blocked by tree roots, and both have had a/c problems. That's about it. The "new" house has had a busted hot water system, a burst water pipe, electrical problems and I had to have the carpet replaced. So far my "old" houses have had less maintenance problems than my "new" houses. Old houses were built 50's and 60's, "new" house is now 20 years old but I had it from new.
My old (60's) house has had minimal issues compared to my newer ones - although it could be a time bomb waiting to go off and need a complete replumb/rewire next week. ;)
My old, old house (1917) is nothing but non stop issues to be honest.

All the houses I own that were built post war haven't had any issues, other than the normal stuff.

Sureline - make sure you have a bit of a think about tax implications if you're going to be living overseas. Having a house in Australia may mean you're considered to be an australian citizen for tax purposes.