Western Australia & Queensland Buyers' agents.

Hi, I wish to buy two investment properties, one each in Western Australia & Queensland.

In Western Australia, I would like to target Perth metropolitan as well as other standout regional areas like Geraldton etc.

In Queensland, I wish to buy a house in or around Brisbane.

For both these purchases, my budget is around $400K each.

As I live in Sydney, I will prefer to use a Buyers' agent to help me choose good options.

So, I will be grateful to the Somersoft community, if they provide me references about good Buyers' agents in both the regions.

Please feel free to refer them by PM if you do not wish to post on the open forum.

Secondly, if possible please drop some hints about areas/suburbs which may present good buying options in both the regions at the moment.

I am willing to undertake my full research/due diligence once I am able to shortlist few potential areas.