What a difference colour of paint does!

Hey everyone, I thought people will be loving this change of wall colour.

It was green throughout I like green but.. green green green and yellow ceilings ...

Before - Bathroom

Before - Kitchen

Before - Lounge/Dining

Before - Bedroom
a huge difference! looks almost modern and requires nothing more done.

we changed from clotted cream and yellow to white and a cool beige - what a difference there too.
I expected paint work to be much more! This guy does painting for Zoos Victoria and he has done everyone's house at the zoo. LOL He painted the houses of all my old colleagues. He gave the kitchen and lounge room walls 3 coats and used all of the paint. There were also 200 picture hooks that the old lady left behind. She packed the house full of furniture. One of the bedroom doors did not open fully! I cannot believe people sell houses like that.

Happy to recommend him to anyone in Melbourne. The project mgr at the zoo said nobody else beats him in price and he would have done a lot of quotes for himself and work. He's reliable, quick and very honest.

Everyone I showed pictures to cannot believe it, they think it's a different house entirely. :D

Rumpledelf - I like your bathroom sink thingee.
gosh - i had to go back and check if you'd changed the carpet because there was such a difference, but no. the paint worked wonders.
Rumpledelf - I like your bathroom sink thingee.
Showerama 'trade' range - cheap but looks pretty. It has far too many staples in its construction lol

My tenants have apparently never had such a nice sink, the lady of the house tells me she likes to spend time polishing it ...