what are these sites about?


do they spam people or...? also has any of you actually made some money doing that sort of work online?
I'm not looking for those "make $1000 a day" sites, just something that I can do in my free time and will pay a "normal" wage, until I find a normal job...
Most sites like these are ripoffs
All sites like these are ripoffs

Mass email from your home is a violation of the TOS of your provider, click disconnected
You dont give your employer money to hire you
Employers don't pay by paypal, tax records

Too good to be true, = NOT true
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A lot of sites like these shuffle illegal money from account to account to launder it. Which means you could be up for money laundering charges

Question: Will taxes be taken out of our pay?
Answer: Taxes will not be taken out of your pay and we do not send you any tax forms at the end of each tax year. You will be responsible to report this tax on your own.

I bet they highly dischourage you from submitting a tax return as well
Of course there are legit jobs
Nobody is going to pay for what a mail bot can do for free.

Anything that asks you to pay up front for the privelege of getting a job is dodgy, just a way of getting sign up fees.

Assume everything is dodgy until proven otherwise
the going rate for online work is LOWER than the going rate for 16yr old fast food workers,