?What Crisis??: How to buy a Sydney apartment on a $29,000 salary

?What Crisis??: How to buy a Sydney apartment on a $29,000 salary .....

At least some people have some get up and go and still think Sydney's affordable . Makes for a great read :D

WHAT housing affordability crisis? If you're a gen Y having trouble getting into the property market, take a lesson from this 23-year-old.

Charlotte Blakelly-Clapham bought her first property on her 18th birthday she was ready to go at 17, but wasn't old enough.

Balmoral is located on Sydney's North Shore, an area populated by boat builders and fishermen.

The former media student bought the two-bedroom apartment in the working-class Sydney suburb of Balmoral for $1,030,000 with a $130,000 deposit.

But it wasn't easy she worked at her father's law firm two nights a week since the age of 21, saving most of her pay. That money, combined with savings from her other babysitting job, made up the bulk of her deposit.

I saved $2,500 my parents lent me $127,500,she says.

Ms Blakelly-Clapham says owning a property had been her dream for as long as she could remember.

It was my goal as a little girl. My parents were always buying property and having fights I didn't want to be poor my whole life, but I could deal with being unhappy,she says.

Using your parents as a bank is the wisest option for gen Y-ers like me,

Most of my friends blow all the money on boys, bars and blow it, it's so pathetic. You can get all that by being a little flirty. That's where I save a lot of money,

I'm really really happy with what I've done. They've set me up for life.

Charlotte says the secret to her success is getting lots of sleep. She enjoys over 17 hours of rest each day.

Having a goal to work towards from such an early age arguably gave her a headstart over her friends, who would spend most of their wage.

She was also lucky that her father is Jewish and her mother is Irish Catholic, as both cultures are very generous.

I spent most of my bat-mitzvah money on travel. I adore travelling. Dad was a bit angry when I told him I'd spent nearly all the 400k. Mum had an aneurysm and she hasn?t been the same since,

But I worked hard when I was a kid to save, she says.

I spent my money as well but I was smart with it. I'd always either buy on ASOS or go to Vinnies. Say I earnt $600 a week, I'd save $400 and spend $200,

Knocked down from an initial asking price of $1,010,000, the Balmoral property is now worth more than $1,400,000, and is earning positive rental income.

The part-time law clerk with Minter Ellison still lives with her parents at Clifton Gardens, but is already planning her next investment, and aims to have three by the end of the year.

We're just weighing up my equity at the moment, but we're looking at either two properties in Bowral or one in Palm Beach, she says.

Charlotte, who is on a $29,000 salary, is just one of a new generation of property investors. New research has revealed gen Ys are jumping on the property ladder even earlier than other generations.

I'm sensing sarcasm?

She spent $400k as a gift from the parents on travel.. Gets another loan for $130k.. And sleeps 17hours a day?? :eek:

Seems like mum and dad are inflating the sydney bubble.. How will she make the repayments? Mum and dad?
LOL her last sentence says if she can't retire by age of 40 she will married well anyways, looks like she has been taught well how to be a gold digger by marrying the rich if things doesn't go her way ;)
I lol'd at so many moments in this one! I especially liked the reference to her parents' ethnic heritage and their 'generosity'.

I believe this was a satire of a recent story I saw (I think on smh or news.com.au) about a young bloke in his 20's, on under $30k per year. If I can dig it up I'll post it.
The comments section is hilarious.

If I met this person in the street I will be forced to punch her in the face. In addition, Erroll the editor mustn?t be the sharpest tool in the shed either. This condescending article makes a mockery of genuine people who are actually out there battling away to get ahead. In comes Cinderella and a click of her heels, daddy buys her an apartment with $2.5k in savings.
Could we please put a no fly policy on her and see her add 15kgs when she can?t make the bi annual trip to tropical Bali. That way her face will be more round when I punch her.