What do you think of Berwick?

I've just placed another thread about IP's for sale in Berwick under the Property managment section, but what do you all think of Berwick as an area to invest at the moment. I work here, but don't live here and can't make up my mind!! So nothing new there then!!!!
Excellent Suburb. Shops, transport, major hospital....even a nightclub.

Alot of new houses still being built in the area, so it will be a good long term prospect. But, prices have appreciated well in Berwick over the last few years.

Im always impressed with the quality of the suburb whenever I visit.
Depends if you buy in old Berwick or new Berwick. Big difference

Could you elaborate? Where is it better to buy? Why?

I was thinking of buying in Berwick. Getting a decent house for ~$350-$450k. But now I've shifted focus on getting a unit closer to the city for a similar amount, or a house on the OTHER side (around Albion).

Good idea? Bad idea?