What do you think of this PVC fence?

We have a (soon to be) rental property with a large street frontage and a very small back yard. The land slopes and its on the lower side of the street, and since the bedrooms face this way and they don't have much privacy we wanted to put up a privacy fence to make a decent sized garden.

I've been considering the slimwall on ebay
..and it would cost around $5600 + gate + delivery.

However I found this mob who make a pvc product and have quoted $4312 including delivery and a gate.

specifically this 01privacy.jpg

I was dubious about pvc but the samples don't look bad and seem to deal with scratching ok when I took to it with a knife. They seems easy to put up. However I don't want the place looking cheap and nasty from the street.

What do you think?

Would love to hear some comments. :)