What does it take to be successful?

Discussion in 'Investor Psychology' started by Xenia IM, 27th Feb, 2015.

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    Hi everyone!
    This is my first forum message and I'm glad to be in this forum to share and learn new ideas.

    Success can be described in many ways. Economical success will be measured by instant, short and long term returns. On the other hand they must be secure/passive income, regardless of us they will make us earn digits in our bank account.

    For anyone to be something first step is to want to be that something which we desire. If you wanna go somewhere (travel) you need time and money since you already want it, time and money will follow. Its how much you want it will get rid of all obstacles on the way. I can rationalise not going to gym after work by thinking that I become tired and unmotivated. While this will not help me to get into shape but it will definitely justify me not going to gym after work, therefore unsuccessful personal life recipe will be created by me for myself.

    When I wanted something, really wanted and I do follow it, I go great lengths for it, I did achieved it.

    I dont think there is a secret recipe for success.
    All you need is to want something, a goal.
    Know where you stand.
    Know where to go.
    Try to find out how to go there.
    Learn from your mistakes.
    Try to learn a lesson from anything or anyone.
    Ask for help.
    Be kind.
    Be grateful.
    Be stubborn :D
    Be yourself and try to be better version of yourself!:cool:

    Thank you!
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    Life is short, take action while you still can, otherwise face the possibility of regretting what you "didnt" do