What ever happened to 'The Wife

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From: Keith J

She's often found in the chat room - usually hugging someone.
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From: Yuch .

Yeah, I just had a hug from TW last night in the chatroom, when the lights is dim....

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From: Robert Forward

Oi, what about me. What about me.

I want a hug too.

All I get from The Wife is abuse and the occasional slap. :^(

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From: The Wife

Hi Ethan,

I'm still here,

Its true, I am guilty of spending all my spare time in the chat room!

My home page has been broken by my ISP, ( They also didnt give me mail for 4 days!)
I will make sure it goes back up this weekend.

I've also been kinda busy 'doing' the IP shuffle.

I also kinda backed of the posting because, as much as i had good things said by all you great people, i had stacks and stacks of hate mail, I dont know why this is, and it only happens when i post something on the forum, i guess i should be less sensitive, I guess i feel that, its bad enough i have to put up with idiots in real life, i dont need them in my E mail box as well.
I guess if i was trying to sell something, I would put up with it, but I'm not selling something, Yeah I did my little book, and workshops, but i have never promoted them on this site, people have mentioned them in passing, but I havent "sold" them.
So I figured, well...geeze...who needs all the abuse I get...so I dropped out from the forum for a bit.

I gotta say, I'm pretty happy I was missed by some people :eek:)

I would love to come back and post again, The people who know me, I think now realise, I say everything with a smile on my face, that I'm 'into' funny. That I love to laugh, that I am never mean or spiteful, I just question a lot, I am not asking people to validate themselves, just something they are promoting or selling, I'm not shy to ask questions, in fact, asking the questions most people would consider'rude to ask', is how I usually avoid getting stung.

I show utmost respect to my seniors, and rarely question them, ( although i dont take their advice if i feel its wrong) I tolerate the youth :eek:), and well..the rest of ya's are on my level, and your gonna have to put up with the questioning!

Ok , a warning to those who like to send me borderline email, sharp is ok, i can tolerate that, lord knows I can be sharp, but abusive/threatening is not on, I've just successfully sued for threatening email, so I'm on a roll, DONT send me threatening email, my lawyers are bigger than you!

Ok, onto better stuff...last night in the chat room, we were discussing ....the famous....the legendary....The wifes " Big BBQ"....Because we are working around Geoff Doidge ( tsk, men),We are going for a June date.
We will be compiling a special guests list, which you will get to see when we compile it, of course, you're ALL special guests in my mind :eek:)

It will be invitation only.
So it wont be a come one come all thing like cashflow games.
There WILL be a charge, we are thinking about $25 per person, with a portion of that going to Brent's Charity that he promoted in Melbourne.

Yes the details are pretty scetchy, I will make better details on the weekend. We will be holding it in Canberra, midway point for everyone, in the hope that people will take advantage of all the cheap airflights about at the moment, and take the weekend off to come to a BBQ.
Compare the cost to 'feeder' seminars, and I'm sure you will see the value. You'll even get a steak!

Ok, there will be more details following in the meeting point section!
Cheers, have a great day! Glad to be back!
The Wife*
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From: GoAnna !

If people are wasting their time insulting TW they need to get themselves a life. TW is a witty, humorous insightful woman who has been an inspiration for me and I am sure many others.

If people do not agree with an opinion they should have the courage to express their counter view on the forum. I love this forum because it is about discussing ideas, sharing experiences and generally helping each other out. And in the middle of all this serious talk it is good to have an occasional giggle.

Lets not let a small number of small minded jealous people take the joy and spontaneity out of this forum.

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From: Gee Cee Cee

Muchly glad to hear from you TW.

I heard that you had been speaking at a cashflow dinner so fast that your tounge had gone through the sound barrier & caused you serious injury. (sharp)

As to the BBQ. Had Rob & Tracey for a BB on Sat. Wish I had thought of the $25 to my favorite charity then.


Gee Cee
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