What is going on? $100K Cash Deposit in A/C!

I have my mortgage with St George. They are waiting for my tax assesment to come back before I apply for a loan. Menawhile they offered to add $100K to my mortgage so I could 'jump' if need be on a property whilst waiting (I had savings as well). They also said it would mean I could have a 9% discount on my mortage so I agreed but told them I DIDN'T need the money right now and probably wouldn't, therefore leave it in the mortgage.

Mortgage balance WAS showing as $459K with available balance of $65K (extra payments we made that we intend to draw on when we buy IP). I view it that the mortgage is actually $524 knowing I will take the $65K out soon.

Anyway, this is what happened today:
24/02/2010 Opening Balance $459,234.52
01/03/2010 Settlement Fee $100.00 $459,334.52
01/03/2010 Fee Settlement $500.00 $459,834.52
01/03/2010 Increase Advnce $99,400.00 $559,234.52
03/03/2010 Closing Balance $559,234.52
Yes they did agree to waive fees but I don't see it yet.
Still shows available balance of $65K as it has one for ages.

Later tonight I log in again and there's a CASH deposit in my HUSBAND'S account. Now. Hubby's A/C is not the offset A/C as the loan is SOLELY in MY name. But this is showing in his bank A/C now.
01/03/2010 Cash Deposit $99,386.10

I have to assume these things are somehow related, but why would they do this??? I asked for them to add it to the $65K we had, and make that cash accessible online so I could CHOOSE to withdrawal if I NEEDED to.

I'm very confused indeed.
They're incompetant?

We got a loan for $20k to do a reno last year, being quite clear which house we were renovating and which loan it was to go on, and they were all set to put the extra $20k on a completely different loan. Took a fair bit of phone time to sort it out. This was CBA. We have all joint accounts with them but one of the properties is soley in my name, they don't seem to care.

I'm currently waiting to see if CBA is going to give us our new title or if they are going to nab it as security. Phoning them came up with zero result via several people with no clue. I'm hoping they've at least done a desktop valuation, realised they don't need our title and will actually give it to us. I've never had a clear title before ...
Clearly incompetent. Sorry if I sounded panicked in previous post but it was a bit of a shock. I should demand they cover the extra interest I will now have to pay on my mortgage due to that $100K being in my husband's NON offset A/C
Ring em up, they'll fix it. We hit someone quite useful when we rang about our screwup. Do it fast enough you shouldn't get an interest bill.

But don't ring them about subdivisions lol -they can fix account balances, loans, but not weird external things that don't involve going through the process of exchanging money :rolleyes: