What is this white stuff on my roses?

I noticed this white stuff on one of my roses the other morning, do you know what it is, and more importantly what I should do about it?

Sorry for the dodgy pics, it was absolutely freezing in Melbourne and the iPhone doesn't take great pics at the best of times.



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Mealybug most likely. Do a search on images in google and see if it looks the same. I couldn't see enough on your photo.
Use about a cup of ordinary cooking oil, a half a cup of water and a tiny amount of ordinary washing-up detergent. This is known as white oil.
Thanks Peter for telling us what white oil is. I knew it was chemically safe. :D

Edit: Mealy-bug, aphid or white scale, same treatment: you drown the insects.
cut back, spray with pest spray like confidor, follow up with weekly white oil spray(esp on any new growth, and fertilise.