What is your current asset allocation

Will the stock market crash ? Is there a property bubble? Will China go bust? Will interest rates rise? Is there a housing shortage? Better times ahead? Recession/ Depression?

Everyone has a different veiw on where things are headed.

Where some see risk, others see opportunity. Some will get it right , some will get it wrong.

Whilst it's interesting to hear everyones veiws on this terrific forum, the real measure of opinion and sentiment is in our asset allocations. Do we put our money where our mouths are?

It would be interesting to know where people's investment dollars are currently allocated and how you are likely to change that allocation over the next 12 months.

I'm talking actual , current allocations. Your preffered position will be indicated by whether allocations are increasing or decreasing.

My current position is-

56% Property(rural resi land + PPOR) - Steady
10% Shares - Increasing
32% cash - Steady
2% Precious metals (silver) - Increasing

Total LVR 48% Steady

Disclaimer- I'm currently in the reproductive stage of life with wife not working. Obviously everyones position will be affected by personal circumstance as well as their investment outlook.

Be interested to hear everyones position.

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My current position is-

81% Property(1IP + PPOR) - Just started but increasing
6% Shares - Roller Coaster but steady
13% cash - Steady
0% Precious metals - Not likely

Total LVR 46% - going up

My current position:

97% property (although most of this is PPOR!) - decreasing as a percentage
3% shares - increasing

LVR 61% - steady, large portion non deductable currently - looking to recycle to deductable
Reality Cheque

I'm not bullish on markets but IMO we should see this crisis as a opportunity to restructure and improve our asset base. This could possibly be the last opportunity we'll have for a long time so let's not waste it.

I've recently got my hands on some equity so I'm looking to buy 1 more IP and I'm also doing my homework and getting ready to buy more shares both inside and outside super. I'll start buying shares this week and I'll follow them down I hope....:D

Gold has done well and could possibly have more to go but it doesn't interest me I'd rather hold gold shares.
5% Cash
25% Precious Metals
70% Precious Metal Related Stocks

LVR around 15%

Yes I put my money where my mouth is ;)

Not expecting to make too many changes in the next 12 months, however I am looking to move back into property at some point...
Ignoring my super (which is small and I can't touch any aspect of it) I'm pretty much 100% property. Just don't have the cash to get into anything else.
I'd reckon it's,

80% rural land and associated infrastructure.
10% depreciating agricultural machinery.
10% shares.

I'd have 700k debt, but with 600k worth of grain sorghum in storage unsold and 400k worth of sunflowers still in the paddock I'm debt free in the final wrap up.

Looking out for some bargains.

See ya's.
I'm underweight in property.

Me too...:D

91% property (increasing)
7% cash (decreasing)
2% shares (increasing)

I've also been thinking of an IP in Europe but the markets recently went crazy. Dealers were shorting the AUD as if we were the ones with excessive debt...:eek:
Cash - 0%
Gold - 1% (not for long, just hedge for equities during current volatility)
Equities - 8%
Business - 13%
Property - 78%
Steve, how do you buy groceries?!? :eek:

Ha, good point! :p Business has good cashflow, so during any day/week, it will be flowing through my accounts, but I don't set any aside as an 'asset allocation' as such. It gets chanelled back into business, paying interest and buying equities.
I'm not sure how to count property as part of my asset allocation?

I have 1 IP with I needed a deposit of $35k or so for 18 months ago, now have equity of about $100k and I am wanting IP#2/PPOR ASAP (no serviceability, but it will be funded by the equity, absolutely NO cash, so I hope it is increasing in the next 12 months.

The rest of my money is

2% shares (gold producer with Mark Ashley on board) - will not be adding anymore to this position.
98% cash - 30% AUD, 70% USD... been loving the recent decline in our dollar. I will be buying AUD at some point and have 80%+ of my cash in AUD... and my cash reserves should continue to increase steadily over the next 12 months as they have in the past 18 months.
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1% cash, but tax time is coming soon, so that buffer will get propped up a little! ;)

Where do you hold your cash.......ashtray???:D

My cash level is abnormally high at the moment and a lot of it will find it's way into the sharemarket so I should have said decreasing. I usually aim for about 10% in cash.