What is your ultimate goal?

Hi peoples,

Theres lots of posts on here about specific circumstances and the smaller picture. I'm curious as to what people have as their goals for the bigger picture.

What is your ultimate goal?

Am sure that people will list "happiness" or something similar but do you have a more specific/quantifiable goal? Do you want to earn $x in passive income? Own a certain car? Live in a certain area? Give $x to charity each year? Own $x in property? Do the Hawai Ironman? Climb everest? (You get the idea. What are your long distance goals be they financial or personal or whatever)

I'm still trying to piece mine together. Like most I want to be financially secure, happy, healthy etc but its the specifics that I'm still sussing out. ($1m in net worth and 100k/pa income looks like a good goal. To set up and run a successful business or businesses. To be able to give 10%+ of income to charities. These are the kind of things I'm narrowing down to specifics on) Anyone care to share theirs?

Sorry for the longish post. Hope the sharing of goals may inspire someone else.


PS: I didn't want to list the BMW M3 CSL as a goal for fear of the "its only the unsuccessful/not truly rich who buy cars like that to try to keep up an image" police!! But alas it is a goal. Maybe I need to go to NCA (Nice Cars Anonymous..:))

Even fantasy goals are valid.

I've always wanted to be Chairman of BHP.

Maybe, now, I'll just settle for Chairman of Harvey Hender Properties - and take HPP into the next decade as a major player in the specialist development market.


An interesting quirk I've noticed about life,is that as soon as a goal is declared or acted upon, even in the smallest way (my magic house seeking torch), the door of opportunity almost immediately swings open, and the true intent of the goal is tested.

So I hope you enjoy driving your BMW M3 CSL. I had a lovely SAAB in 1975 which I bought new. Bit of a lemon mechanically, but a fantastic car to drive out on the highway. At one stage I had more points on my licence that you'd put pepper on an egg!

However, I've had the same personal 'life' goal for more than twenty years, and yes, it relies on money to achieve it, but it relies more on experience. And it will be accomplished within five years.


A good question.

I'm aiming at being financially "free"- but without a concept of what that means (except for not paying bills).

But I have goals before that. Probably too vague to achieve.

1. I want to be able to travel anywhere, anytime. Maybe two months per year. And, mayge, after five years of travelling with my family (icluding children- ha!) be able to leave them in Mexico with the inlaws for an indeterminate period of time (well, not above one month)

2. Fly my own hot air balloon. Well, not much of a dream, but a whole lot nore achievable than a happy family.
Good thread Chris

what i would like to achieve as a goal at this stage is 1.5 mil of borrowings on good properties aside from my ppor.
Although im sure once i got there i dont think i will stop.Its lots of fun this investment thing we all enjoy.Passive income here we come.
.Setting myself up now for some prop development in the near future with good equity to be made,and used for more.Im in the building game and this will be a bonus.
Once i achieve my goals more overseas trips will be planned.Been 4 times already and will never ever stop.
look forward to more stories on peoples goals.

Hi Chris

My ultimate goal is to have enough money left over after paying for all comfortable living expenses to be able to make an impact on the preservation of wildlife, saving animals from mistreatment and to participate is some way in breaking the poverty cycle. Oh and regreening areas of Australia. These are the issues that cause me the most pain and so where I feel I could have the most impact on the world.

Financial freedom is only a marker along the way and goals like a million dollars are only numbers on the score card.

I wonders if members of this forum will unite to change the world once their everyday dreams are realised.
To be cruising around Double Bay in this: :D

My ultimate goal is to establish a school/education centre for kids who come from difficult backgrounds who want to get in to the property and building industries, which would be free to the students. I'd like to target the delinquents and the kids at risk of becoming delinquent, kids who come from families that have experienced addiction and abuse.

They'd learn how to buy, renovate, build and trade property, and everything in between that's involved. I'd also want to include personal development skills like communication, networking, self esteem, resumes, computer skills and financial management...that sort of thing.

The idea is to get their hands dirty on the job, and at the end of the day they can the rewards of their hard work.

Naturally, all this takes money to run, so my $ goal is to have enough to do that and have a nice life at the same time.

One is to have my very own tower, just like I read in the fantasy fiction novels, on a cliff overlooking a shoreline. With the ultimate study at the top, another level would have a games room with a circular bench with top of the line PCs network together for those games sessions :)

Another goal, is to have enough cashflow to run a research and implementation centre for cybernetic replacement and augmentation. I've always been fasinated with robotics, well if I dont have the mind to be a robotic engineer, I intend to hire them.

I see a great benefit where people have the choice of either a lump su compensation payout for injury, or elect to have a cybernetic replacement, I see that the more this is done (ie increase demand) the cheaper and more effective such things will become, this would then reduce the cost of payments, insurance and business related costs. This would improve business, boost the enconomy, reduce unemployment and improve morale.

I like to track the progress they make on eye and limb replacement.

Michael G
Your own tower! I like it! more power to you Michael!

I'm actually after a castle in Scotland (or maybe Spain - hell why not both?!)...I must've read far too many sword & sorcery books I think :rolleyes:

and a cybernetics lab! - too many sci-fi novels for you methinks! :p

Goals are good - even if they seem unreachable - it's the stretch to reach them which makes us better people.

gee wiz guys & girls ive got to start thinking of something better to do with my money than overseas trips dont i?I sound boring.


I once read a quote somewhere that basically said that a person's change can be measured by what they've read and the people they've met.

If I happen to like reading sci-fi and hanging around with investors, then so be it! :p

Michael G
Okay, here's mine:
1. To continuously strive for higher achievements
2. To continue developing a close and loving relationship with Hiroko (my girlfriend)
3. To be consistently open to change
4. To run 'the block' (a pre-determined course I've set out for myself to run everyday)
5. To maintain a fit and healthy body (I'm getting there!)
6. To eat healthier
7. To build my communication skills and be more open
8. To use my time more effectively
9. To continuously challenge myself to be the best I can be
10. To attain my compliance in financial planning
11. To work towards becoming a principal member of the FPA
12. To earn 40K within the next twelve months (doesn't seem like much, but it's a 25% jump from what I'm making now, once achieved, I'll aim for a higher income)
13. To achieve financial independence
14. To purchase our own home
15. To provide a fianancially independent future for our children
16. To be more positive and continually build my self esteem
17. To be a better listener
18. To achieve the highest level of integrity

So there you go. The motivation man, Brian Tracy says you should have two or three goals in every area of life:
Family and personal
Physical and health
Personal development (my favourite subject, more important to me than investing)
Career and work
Financial and material
Spiritual and inner development
Brian Tracy is THE MAN. His book 'Maximum Achievement' is the best book I have ever read, by a mile. Even the most focussed, goal oriented, positive person will get something out of it. I believe this book should be mandatory reading for everyone, it's seriously that good.

'no hat, some cattle'
Originally posted by michaelg

Another goal, is to have enough cashflow to run a research and implementation centre for cybernetic replacement and augmentation. I've always been fasinated with robotics, well if I dont have the mind to be a robotic engineer, I intend to hire them.
Michael G

Heya Michael - this is one of my goals too!!! Have you heard of Kevin Warwick? He is a professor of Cybernetics at University of Reading in the UK. I really want to go study there.

PM me! :)


PS. I know there was a nice Castle being sold for US$50,000 in Poland.

I am after on in Transilvania (sp?) - cause that's where I was born. :)
Well, my list of long term goal is enormous (although it doesn't include a castle! - but a summer residence in the Canadian Rockies is there!!) - but my one and only immediate goal is to earn enough cashflow per month from property to replace my husband's income so he can come and join me as a stay at home parent. The deadline for this is his 40th birthday in September 2003.
I'll set some more goals once that's been achieved.
Here's my 2cents worth. My goals are:

1. To achieve financial security, thus giving me the freedom to do whatever I want when I want. To me, this is a minimum of $100k passive income per year (with my PPOR paid off).

2. To start up a charity for the intellectually disabled. I want the charity to contribute funds to build houses for the intellectually handicapped once their parents/primary carers can no longer take care of them.

3. To have enough money to complete my private pilot's licence.

4. To live a long and happy life with my partner.

5. To have a PPOR with an ocean view, away from the flight path. (If you lived where I do in Sydney's inner west you'd understand this point)

6. To find a meaningful and fulfilling career that utilises my talents to the full and enables me to make a significant contribution to society. Failing that, to just have a career that makes me enough money to satisfy the above.

If you are serious about studying that robotics course, then set it as a goal. Research it as much as you can, set a date that you want to be studying it by, and revise, revise, revise! You WILL get there, if you believe you will. If you want to email me to discuss some goal issues further, you can find my email address in my profile. Good luck!

'no hat, some cattle'
Originally posted by Mark Laszczuk
If you are serious about studying that robotics course, then set it as a goal. Research it as much as you can, set a date that you want to be studying it by, and revise, revise, revise! You WILL get there, if you believe you will. If you want to email me to discuss some goal issues further, you can find my email address in my profile. Good luck!

'no hat, some cattle'
Heya Mark,

Hehe, I am serious about studying, in fact I've been "on and off" studying informally robotics, AI, etc since I was 15. And I do have a very detailed list of goals with timing and cost etc in a nice little Excel spreadsheet. :)

Thank you for the encouragement however!!! :)

And I have no doubts I WILL get to ALL my goals. Every single one of them.

I am well on the way... well that's if my latest deal doesnt flop! :eek: :)

PS. My remark about the Mondena 360 was just comical. In fact it is NOT on my list of goals. It was... but I took it off. It was stressing me out too much. I decided to go for smaller, but in all honestly, more gratifying goals.:
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I wanna....

Have a wonderful family life that can act as a base to reach out to the community to those who don't have anybody..

I want to enjoy what I do and be good at it.

I want to give lots of money to help others in developing countries.

I want to find more time to spend on updating my website http://www.deskgreenies.com

I want to spend more time with the people I love.

I want to feel secure in my finances so that I'm not worried about how I will pay the bills, or worry about the future.

I want to invest ethically.

I want to find a balance between work and play.

I want to do voulunteer work, maybe with refugees.

I want to be a good mother, wife, employee, boss, daughter, landlord, and friend.

I don't want much, eh? :D
My goals are so simple compared to others.

1. Own and operate my own helicopter.

2. Buy back large portions of Australia from overseas interests.

3. Live out in the country with wide open spaces.

4. Own a Rolls Royce.

5. Lose the 'Junior Member' tag on this forum ;)