What now for Nebo?

Hi, I have an 4 bedroom investment property in Nebo purchased new in 2007 for $330,000.00.

Before the GFC getting $650/week and now $300/week.

I notice that there are some of you on the forum who have done a lot of great research and wondered what anyone has heard of likely activity in the Nebo area.


Boo Boo
There must have been a significant drop in demand for places to rent there. Why has that been? Work in town dried up for population wanting to live there?? Big employers gone to the wall and/or severely down staffed?
Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

I don't think Nebo was ever on the boil as much as some other mining towns in Queensland but there was activity and demand from some government utilities looking for accommodation. Really I'm interested in the likelihood of further development in the area. I do believe there was talk of either expansions or new mines.



Boo Boo