What ot do with a 15000sqf block of res. land.



From: Vlad Grinberg

I am considering acquiring a 7500sqf (50x150) block next door to a same size corner block which is owned by my parents.

We will therefore have 15000 sqf at our disposal with a corner orientation.

We are considering developing the land which is in Bentleigh, a suburb of Melbourne.

I am looking for advice as to what I should do with the land, eg how many units could I fit or should I attempt to do something else with the block?

Any assistance will be appreciated.

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From: See Change

Hi Vlad

the first thing I'd do would be go to the council and get their guidelines on Dual occs , medium density / cluster housing and high rise if appropriate. Ask the people in council if there is anything else that is appropriate. Read these until you have a basic understanding of the local situation

Then I'd locate a expert in the local area who deals with subdivisions / development applications. This may be a surveyor or an "independent consultant" . The person I have talked to in our local area used to be involved in senior management in the local council. I was recommended to him by a real estate agent who I trust ( yes some can be ...) Some real estate agents will have a working knowledge of local regulations if they are interested in developments. Get as much advice as possible.

see change

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From: Manny B

Hi Vlad,

as See Change said, best if you go speak to your local council, but as a rough guide, most councils push for around 300m2 per unit, but as it is a corner site they may let you get away with slightly less space... (ie. instead of 4 units you may be able to get 5 on instead, especially if a couple are double storey)...

Once you talk to the council, get an architect that knows the area & the council to draw up your plans to push for your permit... ask the Council for a couple of names of architects that frequently submit drawings in that area, as local knowledge is handy, especially when they know what the council is really looking for...

Good luck with it all & keep us posted on your progress...

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From: Sergey Golovin


Building co. can do it as well, especially once who are specialising in developments/redevelopments. They are even advertising sometimes - We will take care of your development application...

It is all boils down too much of the control you want over it, or how much do you want to make out of it.

Hope it helps.

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From: Michael Yardney

We have obtained 4 planning permits (development approvals) in the City of Glen Eira - the relevant council last year and have 2 going before them at present.
I could give you a good idea of what you will achieve on your block. This is probably not the correct forum.
Please email me with your contact details and I will let you know. myardney@metropole.com.au
I hear what the others are saying in their posts and while the council is a good place to start, they can only give you a vague idea and will not be bound to anything they say.

Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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