What to do first? Install or Tile first?

Hi everyone, :D

My Fiancé and I finally purchased a new toilet and new vanity/basin for our 50+ year old bathroom.

Quick question for the “Reno Kings” out there.

We plan on tiling the floor (Currently raw floor boards) and the walls of your bathroom and would simply like to know what to do first?

Do we get the toilet and vanity installed by a plumber first, or do we get the tiling done first?

We still have the old toilet and basin in place.

I have asked a plumber and tiler, and they both gave the same answer. “Use me first!!!”


You will have to tile floor before installing toilet - apart from appearance I think it is in the building code. You will need to lay cement sheet on floor boards first.

The vanity could go in before or after wall tiling if wall hung, but I would think easier and better to install last. If replacing in years to come you will not have to worry about where the tiles end if installing a smaller vanity. If vanity you are installing is on legs ....they may get in way of tiler if vanity installed first :D

You would need to make sure that all plumbing is in the correct position (or allowances made) before tiling is done.
I'd tile floor and walls first for all the reasons already stated. If you do the toilet and vanity first, the tiler is going to have to spend more time fussy cutting the tiles to fit around them. Those guys charge by the minute.