What value on exisitng duplex plans for narrow site.

Hi all,

Hoping someone here in the forum could give me an indication on what value our duplex & engineering drawings might have.

We had a DA and BA in place for these plans but our circumstances changed and we decided to not go ahead with the project. The approval time has elapsed by a few years now.

We recently sold the property and the new owner is going to demolish existing and build a duplex. We are renting back from him until he is ready to start the project.

We understand he does not have any drawings in place at this point of time and has not started the process so thought we may offer these to him and see if he has an interest in them. So some indication of a $ figure would be much appreciated. We understand he is planning an up market project and these drawings may just suit him.

The drawings were finalized by an architect from our concept & our initial drawings. He added some ideas and we then reworked them until we were happy and until they were given approval by the Certifier. We also have the engineering drawings as well. Our name is on the drawings as being the owner/designer of them. They are in hard copy as well as dwg files.

They were drawn up for the previous town planning which allowed up to 50% of the site coverage. The new planning allows only 40%, but allows higher buildings. I spoke with a town planner today and he indicated that there is a possibility that they may still be acceptable as they are.

The site is a narrow block 15.088 m x 33.535 m (505.98 sq m.)
Virtually flat with a gentle slope at the front to the road.
Each Duplex measures 280.12 sq m. (49.5% coverage
Basement (65.00 sq m) ground floor (116.65 sq m) first floor (98.47 sq m).
There are some park & water views from the position and the design has taken these into consideration where possible.
Build costs came in at between $850,000 to just over $1,000,000.
Located on northern end of Gold Coast.

Thank you for your time. Cheers…
How much did the plans and engineering drawings cost you?

At a rough guess I think they would be worth 50% of the price you paid only if the new owner wants to do something very similar and likes them. If there is question over whether they still comply or not then I suspect they won't want to buy them but they might consider the engineering drawings if they are still valid - I don't know if engineering drawings have a 'used by' date.