What's worth more, bigger land or park view?

I'm looking at purchasing a PPR in a new estate, live in it for around 5 years and possibly sell after that. We have a choice of two blocks - one is 30sqm bigger than the other. The smaller block is across the road from a park. All other things being equal, including the house being placed on the block and the price, what is likely to be worth more down the track, both in terms of buyer interest in the property and price? My initial concern is whether the val will stack up as it's on a smaller block or if a park view does add some value but also thinking longer term if we need/want to move closer to the city once the little one starts school.
30 m2 is nothing, zip, zero, UNLESS it gets you something other than just a bigger block (i.e it gets you a sub-divideable block or whatever). Go for the park view IMO all other things being equal.
I agree that building orientation (relative to the sun) and layout of the block is more important than a 30m2 difference.

Eg a house near the rear of the block might have a huge lawn to keep tidy but a tiny backyard (obviously undesirable unless there's room to put a house in front!).

Whereas a house nearer the front of the block (provided it's aligned with the neighbours for aesthetics) is lower maintenance with a more versatile backyard.