What's Your Day Job (if any)?

Podiatrist here, was inspired to property investing after I saw my uncel ended up losing lots money when he sold the property in 2004 or 5 which he bought in Goldcoast based on CG speculation back in ~1994........
I am a registered nurse, but have been a stay-at-home-mum with my two kids for a couple of years - with the odd bit of casual work thrown in... am looking forward to getting back to the "grind" somewhat in the near future (part-time only) and am hoping to do some post-grad studies this year.
Currently husband is the breadwinner - I just spend and invest it! :)
I'm in I.T. and it's sometimes hard to describe my profession... I design the structure of databases, and then design and program the interface between humans and their data :) All internet-based work.
I was a newspaper advertising manager but that is all over now and it looks as though I will be in new home sales on the ground in the Illawarra NSW shortly for a major builder - and they specialise in duplexes so bring it on all you developers!
Day Job

My working life started out at 15 as an App Electrician and have been working in related fields since. My 1st IP was in partnership with my parents settling just after my 17th birthday. I have always had 1 IP since but have brought a few PPOR and should have tried harder to keep them. Saying that it has aloud me to upgrade my PPOR.

After having an IP in Bris for the last 10 years I now have something to play with and are in the middle of another settlement. Just trying to educate my self a little better now and continue to grow my investments looking for good rental returns with steady CG like a lot I guess.

Cheers Paul
Hi new to Somersoft site I was a chef/catering manager to five hotels and pubs now I a chief cook working at sea 5 weeks on 5 weeks off it’s a lot better then seven days a week 365 days a year and the pay is better. I have 4 units and just bought another IP. Looking for an early retirement;)
Welding contractor, Hot, Cold, Noisy, Smelly,Heavy Lifting, Claustrophobic, Explosive Atmospheres, Dangerous, $$$$$$$ > FUN

Cheers, Geoff
I work in the financial planning industry, and like a lot of forumites I do not particularly like the way a lot of people in our industry provide advice
I'm a Female Group Fitness Instructor. (I mainly teach Boxing and Body Combat.)
I'm also a Graphic Artist.
I also am a draftsman for my husbands Surveying business.
I am also half way through a Financial Planning course. (Just out of interest)

To top it off, I'm just about to have my third baby!:)