When is enough?

I would be content with a 50k (adjusting for inflation) passive income. That's plenty of money when you own your own house and have a working class lifestyle. It wouldn't go very far with my misses though:p
To be blunt, if she is the one that wants more money than that then she's the one who should be bringing it in! ;)
I highly recommend getting the series' from Jon Kabat-Zinn. Brilliant, structured and peerless.
You can engage in the practice at home too, then.
Cheers. I will look it up. I have been looking for something I can practice at home.

30 mins is short but a good starting point.

If you're ever game, some places offer 3 and 10 day courses (and some, much longer). It's at those places you really refine and deepen your practice.
30 minutes is quick, but it's good for beginners like me who might feel a bit intimidated by the whole thing.

Once I have practiced for a while, I would be up for a longer course. My friend just got back from a local retreat and said it was excellent. It is a two full day (over 3 days) meditation and yoga retreat and includes all meals and accommodation for $287. Not sure how that compares to other places, but it seems very reasonable to me.
My life priorities, in order:

1. Optimise happiness and wellbeing
2. Remain fit and healthy (physically and mentally)
3. Solve the money issue

I have given enormous focus to the happiness thing. In fact, my life revolves around extracting as much happiness and wellbeing from each moment as I possibly can. Every other aspect of my existence is, at best, a secondary consideration, including wealth creation.

For me:

Get happy first.

Be healthy second.

Then create options via wealth.
I like this! It is similar along the lines that Suze Orman states, "People first, then money, then things!
Enough is when your mindset says it's enough. Or when you manage to balance the life...easier said than done, but it is state of mind!:)
Does going to work make you happy?
Hi Deltaberry,
I am unsure if you are asking me?
Well, I am self-employed so my answer would be yes! I am not saying it's easy or I do not face challenges, but I chose to do it.
What would life be like if we didn't face them?
I suppose when listening to Anthony Robbins talking about "The Secret of Happiness" on youtube, that we all have a certain blueprint, certain expectation which we think we need to achieve to be happy. If we don't we may not be if we do we will be.
Well he suggest we can deal with that in other ways, we can change the blueprint...
Am I dead?

Reading the above had to laugh. I laughed as its good to know others have the same thoughts.

I decided recently to:

1. Optimise happiness and wellbeing
2. Remain fit and healthy; and
3. That I would probably be happier being employed.

Thanks MTR.

I announced to the family I had made the decision to retire from running my own business. I was shocked at their reaction. What's the big deal I didn't say I was "buying a Jeep".

I want the time to have a cup of coffee (not tea) and a biscuit (not a cigarette, promise ) and I want the time to attend therapy. Retail therapy that is. I am sick of not having the time and not enjoying my weekends.

Basically I have decided to enjoy what I have as well as the kids when they end up with it.

I'm going shopping!!!!!

Regards Fleur
Perhaps it's not about the person with the most money, but being happy with what you have..?.
After the govt's recent changes to qualify for the age pension the question regarding how much is enough is raised regularly in the media. (See the article below)


I expect people will keep working for much longer than they had in the past. Living standards are a lot higher than previous generations expected. Many strive for a large house, newish cars, holidays overseas, add to the mix children studying well into their late 20's, living at home into adulthood and perhaps aging parents to support, retirement/financial freedom may seem well out of reach for many people.

In light of recent government changes to the pension, I know people in their mid 60's who are planning to sell their homes to release capital and plan to work longer than they expected.

Clearly, many won't have enough.......
I also know people that will work as long as they can as they will never have enough. Not good

What can I say, start early and go hard
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