Where and What to Buy IPs - Inner West Syd

Been viewing the posts on the forum for quite a while but still haven't decided where and what to buy my IP(s). Looking at 2 bedroom unit, relatively low strata (i.e. not new buildings with lifts, etc) , long term investment.

I am considering the following areas.

1. Ashfield/Summer Hill

Some BAs on this Forum recommended Kensington/Gower St, which were regarded as the best streets in Summer Hill. However, rental yield of the units on these street seems to be quite low.

I know Tintern Road in Ashfield is in similar case (Correct me if I'm wrong, is Tintern Road a sought after/best street in Ashfield?)

Do units on the above streets really have better CG than those on other streets in the same suburb so people could afford a lower rental yield?

2. Balmain

My friend has an IP in Balmain and he told me the rental yield is good and units are all very easy to rent out in that block. However, I don't see CG much in the last two years. Not sure how it will perform in the future?

3. Further out - Parramatta/Harris Park.

One agent told me Harris Park is better investment choice than Parramatta for its rental yield is higher and property price will catch up with Parramatta. Is it true? I would think Parramatta still has better CG than Harris Park?

Can someone advice?

Ziffang - Harris Park is a fantastic investment. Prices have gone up a bit lately but they still have a long way to go. There is a lot of demand for flats and I suspect that first home buyers will start moving in eventually which will help to clean it up a bit.
It's convenient, modest and under-priced.