Where are all the good late night Burger Joints?

G'Day all,

Late last night or should I say early this morning, a few mates and I, who had during the evening discussed all major issues affecting the world today and who had also surprisingly come up with answers to remedy all known problems known to mankind......decided it would be a good idea to take a drive and find a decent burger joint that was open in order to satisfy our now huge hunger pains.

We realised that there would be nothing open in our neck of the woods, so we jumped in the car and headed towards Dandenong.

At 1-30 am, there was no burger joints open there, so we trekked off to Glen Waverley to resume our search.....nearly 2am and none open in Glen Waverley.

From there to Vermont South and more dissappointment.
Disheartened but not defeated, we turned back and headed home and ended up at a fellow very wealthy property investor friends house at Berwick who is a known night owl.
Now 3-30 am, due to Daylight Savings Time adjustment, and he's still up.....Foxtel on Wide Screen TV blaring away....and as luck would have it, so was his missus/cook.
Quick trip down to supermarket and back and had some of the best home cooked hamburgers ever.

nearly 5am and mobile phones start ringing...."Female voices on other end"......."...Where the hell are yous..."

Anyway, getting back to the subject.........when we were 18 -19, these late night joints were everywhere, I remember the Grill Bar in Burwood, Blacky Burgers on Whitehorse Road Blackburn, and there was a Burger joint in the Main Street of Dandenong.

Does anyone know of any still trading in the wee hours of the morning nowadays?

Easten Side of Melbourne please.

I recon if you would drive from Drouin a bit further to the Taxi Depot near the corner of Claredon and Dudley St North Melb 24 houirs a day good burgers

Next time you are in the news Agents take a peek in the good food guide under 24 hours haunts

Regards Fredo