Where did the last 12 months go?

Hi everyone,

Well I've had a few msgs over the past 12 months...mainly about my conspicuous absence from Somersoft. :eek: I think I owe a bit of an explanation.

I started writing a book with a colleague which took up an enormous amount of time. And then my pooch of 16 years died, on Christmas Eve last year. Then my relationship fell to bits, and I did a psychological runner from just about everyone. Licked my wounds and bouncing back now.

Got a new dog after a hefty grieving period. The new pooch is ABK9 Bosun...following on from his predecessor ABK9 Sailor. (Thought about changing my name on Somersoft...but then no-one would recognise me, eh!) ;)

Anyway, the book is now finished and has been picked up by a literary agent who is having chats with the publishers. :)

Property-wise, it's been a tough year...hanging in there trying to rent a lovely unit...no bites. So consequently working like a dog to keep up with the mortgages. (Hey...what am I telling you for...you know the drill, eh.)

Still, I've got my positive attitude, and every morning I think about the things I'm grateful for....there are so many.

Lovely to be back....I did miss you.
I'll add my welcome back too. I used to wonder what you were up to, but I knew you were writing a book from earlier posts.

I only thought of you a day or two ago, not sure why, so was pleasantly surprised to see your name tonight. You sound like you have had a rough year.

I always did enjoy your sensible input.
Sailor, lovely to have you back. We missed you too. I do hope 2010 is a much better year for you, property, professional, personal and book wise!!

Hi Sailor!

Good to see you back again! Yes, Cairns and FNQ has taken a bit of a battering this last year hasn't it...I was only reading the HTW Cairns report the other day and wondered how you were fairing with the hit units, in particular, have taken...still, looks like things are slowly on the improve. Good luck with you vacant unit...

Look forward to reading you posts again. Congrats on your book too :)

Welcome back.
Sorry to hear about Sailor. It's hard losing a pet. We lost 2 pets in the last 12 months.
I also have been wondering where you went.

Here's hoping 2010 has some nice surprises in store for you.
Good to see you back. You were missed by many. So sorry that your beloved pet passed away. It is really a tough time when that happens. Hopefully 2010 will be all uphill.
Welcome back, sailor. I was also one of the forumites who noted your absence, as you know. ;)

I'm sorry it's been such a challenging year for you. Me too, in many ways. :(

But 2010 is shaping up to be an absolute cracker! :D I look forward to sharing the wild ride with you and all my fellow SSers.
Good to see you back, Sailor. Stick around, hey?

I've heard a lot of people talking lately about how quickly 2009 has flown by and how they can't wait for 2010 to start up with the potential for new opportunities and a new beginning. I hope that 2010 represents many good things for you, too.
Are you planning on joining us up here, James? :D

Well spotted ;)

Not moving anywhere, but I was amused by the comment in the other thread about how all you northerners use the term like that and figured it was fitting for Sailor. I must admit to being guilty of doing the same thing, and I haven't lived in Queensland since I was about nine years old...
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No Waaaay!!!

W-e-l-c-o-m-e BACK sister!

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. The forum is but a part of the whole of life for those with property fetishes..:)

Heartfelt congratulations and commiserations, I had been sending out best Vic vibes for you.

Your new puppy looks so cute I want to hug him. Say is he a schnauzer?

I like the idea of new name thingy, if u want to do that and be Bosun, great idea, one of the people that live in the forum do that for you, I've seen the miracle of transmorphius....-->someone named Sim?
Welcome back!

Hi Sailor,

Have really missed your posts. Great that you are back again. Love the pic of your doggy! Very cute.

Congratulations on the book.

Look forward to reading some more of your posts, and I hope you are able to rent your unit out soon.

Regards Jason.
I started trading a pittnce in shares. Grew that pittance by about 36% through porbably sheer dumb luck.

Bought my 2nd IP.] after looking for months, soliciting the help of an agnet friend of the family,

Found what I think seems to be an ok mortgage broker who helped me sort the funding for it out a lot clereer and easier thn on my own despite understnding what was the wy to probably go.

Concsious and subconscious learnings along the way (I hope anyway).

Here's to more opportunity to continue lenaring more in 2010

(damn this is a nice drop of red wine !)
I like the idea of new name thingy, if u want to do that and be Bosun, great idea, one of the people that live in the forum do that for you, I've seen the miracle of transmorphius....-->someone named Sim?

If someone could help me change from Sailor to Bosun I would be much appreciative.
W-e-l-c-o-m-e BACK sister!

Your new puppy looks so cute I want to hug him. Say is he a schnauzer?

Thanks our obsession, and all the other SS's for a lovely welcome back. You are all soooo supportive, and I must admit, I've missed chewing the fat on properties.

Yes, Bosun is a Miniature Schnauzer...registered Stud Dog...so is available for mating with other pedigree Minature Schnauzers. He sired 8 lovely puppies in his last litter, and I have it on good authority from his original breeder that the whole line has been excellent stock, with great temperaments.

Our Obsession...I spoke with ABK9 Bosun, and he said thankyou for the hug...and put up his paw to shake paws in thanks. {I'm trying to teach him to be respectful.}