Where to buy Bentleigh to Aspendale???

I am in the process of putting my house in Melbs. West on the market in the next few weeks and buying in the SE. Mainly for family reasons. We expect to be able to afford 630-650k

Have been doing research over the last 6 weeks. Seems I can get something like the original house on a subdivided block in Bentleigh East for around the 600k mark or perhaps in Mordialloc/Parkdale wrong side of the highway a small rundown house on a sub 600sqm block.

I am happy with this and would perhaps go up to extend in future this is where we want to settle and raise our family.

What I wanted to ask was what are peoples thoughts on these areas and perhaps Aspendale/Edithvale which I know little about but seem to be able to buy an actual house for that kind of money?

What area would people reccomend considering I am thinking long term and it is a family home??

Hi Penny,

I would go the full block in Edi/Asp.

These places have gone up a lot and will continue to rise. Area is going through a big redevelopment phase as people buy older houses and then spend $400-$500k building new homes. Shops and cafe's etc also getting much better near the beach.

Great spot as in close to beach and the "bluechip" areas have slowly moved down the bay, Mentone, then Parkdale and now Mordialloc that even 8 years ago was considered an ugly duckling.

Good luck!


I grew up on the non beachside of Nepean Hwy in Mentone. I now live in Aspendale. We are 400m to station and another 100m to the beach.

I recall about 25 yrs ago, while at Uni, I went to Aspendale to pick up a kayak from a friend of the families. I thought what a shiite hole. I now live in that same street and we love it here. The kids are at the local school with access to the secondary schools in Mentone.

Our house 10 yrs ago was $185k and now its worth $600k-$650k. With access to the beach, stations, schools etc the price will keep going up.
I am not too familiar with the govt high schools. As I went through the catholic education system, I decided my kids can too.

I believe that most families try and get their kids into Parkdale secondary college first followed by Mordialloc college. Some families with daughters also try and get them into Mentone secondary college.

The non government private schools include St Leonards, Hailebury and Mentone Grammar.
I'd agree with Toony with the schools. Parkdale high seems to have a better reputation than Mordialloc high and has done for quite a few years. Like Toony I'm a Mick and went through the Catholic system and am planning on my kids doing the same as it's cheaper than normal private education by a long way.
For girls Mentone girls high seems to be the favorite by a mile. My sister has sent/is sending her 3 daughters there. The drawback is that from Parkdale down, most kids head to the either Parky or Mordy High so friends will be lost (new ones are always made).
If in aspendale you have Mordialloc for shops and in Edithvale you have Chelsea nearby. Chelsea has a newly opened safeway store (the old was terrible) which is the biggest I've ever seen and parking isn't all that bad.