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Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by Sim, 25th Jan, 2003.

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    2nd Mar, 2001
    Sydney, NSW
    Hi all,

    As you can see we have a new forum - currently called "Where to buy".

    There are a lot of questions about which suburbs are doing well, and questions asking for opinions on a particular area.

    I thought it may be useful to try and split them out into a separate forum to make it easier for people to browse through the threads on this topic.

    The intention for this forum is any type of "where" question should be posted here. When going through the threads in the General forum working out which should go in here, I asked myself - "What information are they asking for ?

    A lot are 'how' questions, for example "how can I make a property cashflow positive ?", or "how can I get started in IPs ?".

    A few are 'why' questions - "why should I buy for positive cashflow rather than for capital gain ?", or "why do you invest, what motivates you ?"

    Some are 'what' questions - "what is it about a property which makes it cashflow positive ?", or "what do you buy, units or townhouses ?"

    And quite a lot are 'where' questions - "where can I find cashflow positive IPs ?", or "what do you think of this area ?" (which is actually a 'where' question - because it deals with location !).

    I think the new forum will work well enough. If we change our minds it's very easy to move them all back into the General forum again. Note that we may change the name !

    Naturally, nothing posted in here should be taken as a recommendation - caveat emptor always. If you are not sure on the forum policy for these types of things - please go back and read the forum policy at http://www.somersoft.com.au/forum.htm
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