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From: Anonymous

Hello everyone,
This is another silly question from a newbie.
I just wondering how people find out what properties are on the market in the suburbs that they are not living in. For example, I live in Doncaster and in the local paper 'Manningham News' there are pages of properties advertised for sale. But if I am interested in buying in North Melbourne and check The Age or the internet there may be only few houses advertised. I find the local papers have the most information but how can one regularly get a copy of the local paper from other suburbs.
Thank You
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From: Sam Coster

Contact the Publisher, I am sure they will
have a subscription service
Enjoy the journey, its half the fun.
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From: Mel G

I wanted to do the same thing for the Richmond area and I just rang the council and they said they would post it to me, free of charge. It may vary from council to council though.
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