Where to obtain floor plans for an old house? 50+ years old

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First of all, Happy Friday!!!

As stated in the title, how do we obtain (if possible) a copy of the floor plans for our house?

We purchased the house approx 12 months ago from my partners Auntie, we have contacted her and she has no idea where they are.

Is it possible to obtain floor plans for a house which is so old? The house was built in the 1950’s.

Oh, we want the plans because we are considering renovating the house and this will help visualize what we have planned.

Any help appreciated. :D


There are quite a few companies that will draw them up for you. Depending on how specific and exact you need them to be will affect the cost. But otherwise it should only take about 1-2hours of measuring to draw them up.
Thanks for the replies :D

Yeh, we thought as much. Might have to just get off my back side and measure the old fashioned way :D


yeh check with council they often have the plans

if you plan to do renovation work you will need to measure the house anyway and get it drawn electronically (Autocad or similar)

shouldnt take a skilled building designer or draftsman to draw the basics of the house once measured. depending on size maybe 1 - 2 hours