where to start?

Hey guys, just after some general advice.

I have found a 2 bed fibro cottage in poor but rentable condition in an excellent location. I am interested in the land, not the property and will eventually bulldoz and develop when I can afford to.

My question is, where do I find info on the land's development potential? I have checked the council's website and it only states how to go about applying for planning approval - I'm obviously not at that stage yet. I just want to know what is possible/allowed before I go ahead and make an offer on the property.

Also, how can I determine what is possible on the land in regards to building types etc? I thought 2, 2-story units would be great but I don't know if it is possible. It is a corner block measuring 13.5m by 33m by 16m.

Thanks for your help!
Check the zoning...then all of Council's controls for the type of residential you want to do for that zoning.

Development potential is always in the zoning map read in conjunction with the objectives and requirements for the zone you are dealing with.

Go and talk to a duty planner over the Counter, they will set you straight pretty quickly.

Know which LGA the land is in;
Know the zone;
what is permitted in the zone; (is it single res only or multi-unit)
what are the objectives for the zone;
what is the floor space ratio/plot ratio;
what are the required setbacks
what is the height limit
etc etc
Happy, good to see you're still on the hunt!

Development plans for all councils are available at www.planning.sa.gov.au

If you like, PM me some details and I can see if I can find anything for you or check similar properties in the area for completed developments.

Another idea is to check www.edala.sa.gov.au - narrow the search down to the suburb the property is in, then start wading through some of the subdivision developments that have been approved in recent months/years for comparable divisions.
Hi Happy,

As has been said already, check out the relevant council development plan. They can be found either at Planning SA or on the Councils own website.

Just a word of caution, please be aware of the set back conditions for corner blocks. Most councils will want you to have at least a 1.5m side set back and the usual front setback. This will rapidly eat into the space available to develop on this block you are looking at. In reality it reduces the width to the same size as a 14.5m non corner block. Fancy building a house on a half that is only 7.25m x 33m block? Not my cup of tea that's for sure. If it was in Adelaide City Council then I'd be happy, most other suburbs the sums just wouldn't add up.


A two story ground floor unit is called a town house. A number of Real Estate Agents struggle with this concept.... :p