Where's the Olive Trees planted in Perth???

Any Perthites know of any olive trees planted in any public open spaces, preferably south of the river. I want to poach a few olive leaves & cuttings.
I know Stirling has a lot but they are guarded by the Mafia there:D
There seems to be a few around Mandurah but l help our mate get those:D without competition too l might add.
South burbs dont usually use olive trees as street scape plants as they are older more established plantings like whopping big gums or peppermints.
Its just a case of doing a drive around Rixter, you may get lucky:eek:
The Anchorage at Rockingham is full of 'em. City Beach has quite a few on the verges if you feel like a drive and know what you're looking for.
Hi Rixter

Yeh Anchorage has them everywhere as HiEquity has said. I have 3 out the front of my place alone. Could always pop in for a beverage and Atwell is not that far away anyway.


Noticed a couple on Langley Park last weekend.

I bet you're going to use a cutting to start a plantation and take $10K from each investor who wants a piece of the action? :p