Which bank for self employed?

I currently have one property with St George.
Purchased in 2006 for $110k, currently owing $86k.

I am looking at buying another this saturday for around the $120k mark.

The problem is, that I am self employed, and, because of the structure of the business, my tax return is done 11 months late each year. (joys of being in partnership with a company and having an 'interesting' accountant)

Year ending 2008 I earnt ~57k, and a return was submitted.
Year ending 2009 I earnt ~57k also but no return submitted yet.
Year ending 2010 I will earn around 114k(bought out business partner at the start of this financial year)

I am happy to move the loan with my first property to any bank that will happily facilitate my needs.
I can also happily pay 10% at the auction, but I would rather borrow 100% (using equity from my first property to keep the LVR down to 80%)(Assuming this is what will keep most banks happy?)

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I have no doubt I will get a loan, and I 'could' pay 20+% of the loan with cash but I would rather not do this.
Lo doc may fit with any of the mainstreams if you have bas statements that fit the income.

You might have an issue with the locn at that dollar value, but on the surface Id say Comm would do that sort of deal if you have an ABN and GST thats 2 years old and have Bas statements to back the income

ABN ... Check
Registered for GST for 2+ Years ... Check
Activity Statements ... I send the 'originals' to the ATO obviously, but I have the E-Record copies. I can't see them taking these seriously though as I assume they could easily be faked if someone was that way inclined.
They also want your bank statements to confirm your declared income.

There are a few lenders who don't have the same requirements, but you'll pay a premium rate (about 0.5% to 1% higher).