Which books to start with

Hi all SS members, which books would you recommend to start reading about investment strategies, share markets, real estate and etc?

Would Smart Borrower's Handbook By Stuart Wemyss be a good start?

If you know any good books that's been written "in plain" English please share!

Thank you

Hiya Nem

Jan Somer's building wealth through investment property is the best book for learning the foundations of resi property investing IMO.


For "conceptual" education regarding money, spending and investment; Rob Kiyosaki and John Burley, "Richest man in Babylon", "Millionaire Next Door", "The Latte Factor"...

to name a few.

Once I understood the difference between good and bad debt, "doodads" and investments etc; a massive mindset change.

For "nuts and bolts" -

Jan Somers of course,
Margaret Lomas,
John Fitspatrick
John Burley
Steve McNight
Neil Jenman (not liked much on this site for some reason)

to name a few.
1. My four year old property investor by Cam McLellan
2. How to build a multi million dollar property portfolio by Michael Yardney
3. Mastering the Australian housing market by John Lindeman
4. From 0 to 130 properties in 3.5 years by Steve McKnight
5. How to achieve property success by Margaret Lomas

There are more useful books. And there are a few useless ones as well.

And the above mentioned are general books. There are a number of books about taxation, development, renovation etc
'the property puzzle' by stuart wemyss is a must for helping you create and understand a plan or strategy to achieve your goals.
My advice would be to get your mindset right first, as per the first part of Bayview's reply.

Then, your original question would be almost irrelevant.
With a strong hunger of learning, all specific property and investing books would provide a very similar educational purpose.
Just read as much of everything you can, it's all so similar.
The real education comes from action rather than passive theories.
What works in theory may not work in practice for every person.
Hiya Nem

Jan Somer's building wealth through investment property is the best book for learning the foundations of resi property investing IMO.


This is correct and probably the best single, oz specific, down the line resi re book we have.

My other fav if I didnt have time to read the whole list of books (which over time you should at least try and know a few of them down!) is Dolf De Roos: Real Estate Riches.

Then my mind moves to RK and RDPD and Cashflow Q, then on to all the mindset books, and then, and then....oh wait I feel another list coming on.
The best book I have ever read on property is somersoft!
I am a propery novice and what I have learnt in 2 months on this forum I did not learn in the 5 books I have read.

Don't get me wrong the books got the fires burning (Loved 0-135) but the books are very broad and give you the concepts and even more the motivation. If you want to get into the nuts and bolts though then this is the place.

The number of members here generously giving there advice and expertise really amazes me. Peopleike TerryW, Paul@PFI, Jamie M, I mean the list goes on but these people continually help everyone here with even the most complex of questions.

So a thank you to all the somersoft authors, keep the good writing coming :D