Which Charity(ies) to donate to?


Anyone have a good one to recommend? No jokes please! I usually donate about $300 to $500 a year - for the last 5 years its been to a family friend who runs a charity in South East Asia. Despite this, we reckon we can probably stretch about $200 more a year since we've recently had an ebay/garage sale selling old stuff and recovered about $800.

We've donated here and there for charities here - mostly Smith Family and Oxfam once offs but I honestly don't know how lean and effective these charities are. The wife and I have short listed assistance in food security is where we'd best like to help out.
Children's charities and cancer research. Roughly $600 / month.

I'm O negative (universal donor), so I also donate blood and plasma on a monthly basis. They told me that if you donate blood, you'll never need it back. Seems legit.
Hi willister

Good thinking mate.
I recommend cancer council donations for cancer research,
then my other favorites are the Salvos, Multiple sclerosis society, Fred Hollows foundation, heart foundation, the kids cancer project, etc etc.

There are hundreds of different ones, it depends on what impact you wish to make to our society or to other people's lives.

My suggestion, don't give them your phone numbers.
I only donate to a few charities these days because some had become VERY annoying, calling me up all the time, Some charity must have passed on my contact details to others without asking me. I now refuse to take calls from charities.

Take Care