Which councils in Sydney allow torrens title dual occupancy?

Hi peeps,

From your experience, which councils allow Torrens title subdivisions for dual occupancies/duplexes in the Sydney region?

I know Parramatta do if you have minimum 15m frontage and 600sqm site area.

If you know which council allows it and what their requirements are, post it!
Canterbury Council i know is the same. 600m2 and 15metre frontage.

Hurstville i believe is 700m2.. your best to go on the councils website and look up the dcp plan.
I could but I'd spend a lot of time looking through DCPs of all the councils in Sydney.
If everyone posted a council or two, we'd have a nice long list which I could create a spreadsheet with and post up.
I think Belvoir means they reduced from 800 to 600m2.

Does anyone know what changes could be made by Penrith council soon?
I read some good news somewhere on SS regarding Penrith council and dual occupancy subdivisions, just can't remember where.