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From: Anonymous


I am wondering if anyone can help with info in regards to which lender is currently offering the best options for someone looking to maximize their IP borrowing capacity for only POSITIVE cash flow IPS on a single average income. I understand most banks are rather conservative when it comes to the method of calculating the DSR. I am not concerned about the LVR as the equity is adequate.

I would appreciate any advice given.I haven't bought tenanted properties before but is keen to start. Thank you.

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From: William Blake

I don't know who is the best but you should consider a revolving line of credit - this type of loan will enable you to borrow more as monthly repayments are based upon you repaying the interest component only -

Citibank have an excellent product and I'm sure other institutions will too

William Blake
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From: M D

Hi William,

Thanks for your reply. I guess I have to do more research.

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