which seminar should i do ?????



From: Paul Velissaris

i am thinking of doing a seminar on passive property investment, the first one is with henry kaye but he charges $ 11,000 and the second one is with peter spann and he charges $ 980- for me and my wife, have been to both introductory seminars and funnily enough that both say the same things ????????

am very confused
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"Forget the Henry K one, save your money !"

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From: Anonymous

Do the Peter Spann one, it great value
and will get your started in the right direction.

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"Forget the Henry K one, save your money !"

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From: Sergey Golovin


Just about month ago someone said it was $10K? And originally it started from $4K? or something?

Jesus !....Mohamed… or who it is….

Could you please let us know how did you go?

I am puzzled, curios, intrigued, getting hot and sweaty all over.

I think I am in wrong business.
Honestly, I can talk about anything...

I have to find more about it. That's for sure.

Oooohhh!! Hold me tight.

Serge G.
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"Forget the Henry K one, save your money !"

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From: Dave :)


I can appreciate your feelings regarding some investment seminar groups.

However, in the interests of all members in this forum, I think we need to refrain from voicing our opinions in a way that could be construed as offensive.


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"Forget the Henry K one, save your money !"

From: Jude H

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"Forget the Henry K one, save your money !"

From: Sergey Golovin

Thanks Dave.

Please do not take it personally. After all it is just business. Some one provides the service (seminars) and some one consumes. It is simple as that.
Question was thrown into the pit for public consumption. It is like newspapers in that regard. Once it is on public domain it is open for comments and discussion.

May be one day I'll join them (The Speakers) as well, who knows. Well I certainly hope so.
If you do know how to do it or who can we talk too to join them please let us know. I cannot wait to find out more.

OK, I promise I'll not respond to those questions again on forum. I'll just read them.

I'll try to find more about it (The Club) myself, if it is so sensitive issue. I guess it is sensitive - it is cost $11K!

I would like to join that Club, the Club of Speakers (the Fast Track!). But I do not know how to do it, yet. Looking, looking...

Oh well one day it will happen.

Serge G.
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"RE: Forget the Henry K one, save your money !"

From: Dave :)

Don't get me wrong Serge...

it's not the point you were making, rather the Language used. The last
thing we want is for people to not post their opinions...as long as the
language/words used doesn't offend anyone particular cultural/religious
or minority groups.

....says he who puts his foot in his mouth more often than a Yoga Master.


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"RE: Forget the Henry K one, save your money !"

From: Sergey Golovin

OK. You win.
Serge G.
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From: Nigel W

$11K!!!!! Hey Geoff1 maybe you need to boost your prices?!

If I was a complete newbie (and I'm not suggesting I'm an old hand or anything but...) for 11K I would expect a seminar presenter to sit beside and work with me through my first actual deal and demonstrate to me their research and selection technique (not just a bunch of theoretical stuff - make the offers) help me source the deposit bond,
collaborate with me to write my proposal to get that 100% + finance, help me figure out what renovations to do, put me in touch with no less that 3 or 4 independent suppliers for renovation labour and materials, get an interior decorator to help me for free, assist me to find tenants and negotiate a higher rental with them....

and the list goes on.

Don't get me wrong, education is very important - but I put it to you that if you bought 6-12 real estate investment textbooks (somers, fitgerald, burley, doidge etc) you'd be just as clued up about the theory and could then go forth and do your research and deals all for under $500.

Then when your net worth is creeping up to the magic million mark or beyond - think about looking at advanced strategies that these seminars MIGHT offer...

just my humble opinion

(i'm sure someone will slam me and say - when you've done as well as [insert name of guru here] you can criticise...but let's not be blind followers...recognise value but don't get ripped off.)

I'll get off the soapbox now :^)
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From: Smith Steven

As someone who has been successfully investing for 10 years, I think you can always learn something new. I attended HK's 4 hr freebie, and found some excellent ideas. I have a medical friend who has done the 4 day course (about $10K), and have looked at the notes. Some of the strategies are brilliant, and I will incorporate them in the future. Sometimes it just takes one good idea to pay for the cost of the course.
Remember the old testament, one tithe to charity and one tithe to education. (one tithe equals 10% for those without a classical education)
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From: Scott Elsom

I'm with you Nigel!

The return on your dollar is much greater with one good idea from a $20 book, than one good idea from a $11K seminar!

Seminars are good motivators and that's about it.

Why not spend $100 on some good books and then spend the remainder of your $11K on an actual income producing property...that's when you will really start learning!

For what it's worth...I like to read books by some of the less well known authors. They tend to pass on a lot more information than the more popular ones who are trying to get you along to their seminars and boot camps.

Some that I like are...Bill Nickerson, Robert Irwin, John T. Reed, Fixer Jay, Kevin Myers and not forgetting Geoff Doidge ...and other books not specifically relating to IPs include topics such as: negotiation (the library is full of these), buying used cars, dealing with tradesmen, bank lending, biographies, and the list goes on.

That's what I reckon anyway.

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From: Jude H

Howdy all,

My reply of AMEN was tongue in cheek about the reference to Jesus and Mohammed.

I would be first in line for any seminar/workshop that I felt would help me get me where I'm going. Cost me $1,200 to go to Geoff's Reno workshop. Admittedly I had to fly to Bne, stay 2 nights and have free time to myself without the kids (that was tough)but was well worth it to me. Will be spending approx $2,500 on Dolf de Roos workshop in September as well. However, having said that, would not be paying 11K for the privilege unless, as stated above, someone was to hold my hand all the way through.

I learn by:

Hearing the posts and replies (not just reading in one ear out the other)

Taking notes (I cut and post replies that have meaning for me)

Buying books (12 this year so far) You don't have to buy them. Go to the library and borrow them. I did this first, then purchased those I wanted to keep as future reference.

Networking: Grab the opportunity to meet with as many people that you can who are doing the same thing as you eg Cashflow nights, lunch at The Rocks and TW's BBQ .

Friends: I do not mean become friends for the sole reason of pumping someone for information, I mean by identifying those individuals who you 'click' with and genuinely enjoy being in their company. Inevitably the talk turns to property.

Cashflow: EXCELLENT learning tool.

The greatest learning tool is to hear what someone is saying, not just listen to what they are saying.

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From: Owen .

I've been to both introductory seminars too Paul and I think Peter and Henry have very different ideas.

Their end goals are the same (as are all of ours) but their methods and in particular their target markets are at opposite ends of the earth.

Think about what it is you want and how you think you would like to get there, with a reality check on the kind of investor you really are, and choose the one that make sense to you.

Either way, you will learn something so just do it.
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From: Felicity W.

I've also been to both introductory nights, and if I was going to do one course - I'd do Peter Spann's. The main reason (apart from anything else!) is that I feel that his method of IP will work any time, whereas I felt that HK's theory has worked brilliantly for 2 years in a booming Melbourne market - I'm not convinced it would work so well at other times. I also felt there were some other holes in his approach. But it's been a while since I went, so he may have changed it by now.
Keep smiling
Felicity :cool:
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Random thoughts

From: Paul Zagoridis

On 5/24/01 9:33:00 AM, Michael Croft wrote:
>This has direct relevance to
>IP's in that I witness it a
>lot of the time with budding
>IP investors. I suppose the
>only other cliche I'd add
>would be, 'you can lead a
>horse to water,........'
>There is bound to be dozens of

I normally feel ".. but you're not allowed to drown it."

>Lifes what happens to you
>whilst your busy making other
>plans - John Lennon

Was is really John Lennon who said that?

I like

"How do you make God laugh? tell him your plans."

I'm currently re-reading The Zurich Axioms. Very good book on the personally psychology of speculation.

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From: Geoff Freiberg

Read with interest references to Peter Spann's course. Does anyone have any detail on the course and possibly a bit of a break down on what he will go over. If anyone else has done any courses/seminars that they think are value, it would be great to also hear some detail on them.

I don't mind spending a bit of money, maybe even up to $2500.00 if I know I'm going to get value for money. It is also good if the information gathered through such seminars can be used to get your investment back in the first deal.

I'm quite keen to learn more about topics such as Vendor Financing, buying wholesale, etc.

Great website Somersoft

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