Which state?

Maiden voyage into Somersoft ...I've been reading the forum now for about 3 weeks and have learned things I never knew that I needed to know. Thank you all so much.

This is a question for investors who have properties in multiple states. In comparing the states of SA, QLD and NSW, is there a state which is just generally easier to have a property in than another? I'm thinking in terms of land tax costs, tenancy boards, dealing with REA's, time connected with issuing development permits etc.

Welcome aboard the good ship SS, setting 'sale' to your chosen destination.

They're all easy.....its just peoples perceptions that dictate otherwise.
They're all easy..

Thanks for the welcome and the reply.

When we lobbed into Victoria after living overseas in a country where full disclosure is the norm, we found buying and selling quite challenging, and made some ridiculous mistakes, so we are always on the lookout for more surprises.