which tenant

hello everyone,
well we have had two applications for our apartment....both references have checked out.

Applicant One - Fireman - wants 12month lease
Applicant Two - a couple, only wants lease for 9months.

My only gripe is the fireman is a smoker, spotted him smoking outside the flat.....

What reasoning should we use for selection?
Personaly preference, unless you have other info.

I would almost always go for the couple over the single male. And the non-smoker over the smoker. All other things being equal. But that's just me.
I'd prefer the 12 month lease which will probably extend.

The 9 month one sounds like they are building or looking to buy. Then you will be looking again.

If all things are equal, then I agree with Simon. Nine months is an unusual request, so there would have to be a reason behind it. As for the smoker, you spotted him smoking outdoors, so there is a reasonable assumption that the habit of smoking outdoors will continue.
How handsome is the fireman? :p:D

LOL, I don't get the fireman thing. Personally, I prefer police uniform. :D

I agree, I'd rather go 12 months for the same reasons. And you don't know that one or both of the couple don't smoke, just because you didn't spot them. Hopefully he's an outdoor smoker as you noticed anyhow, and may stay on longer, the couple definately sound like they have something planned after 9 months.
The fireman smokes? Surely there has to be some irony in that, considering how many fires are started by smouldering cigarettes or people smoking in bed drunk...

Take the 12 month dude, have it stated in the lease that he cannot smoke indoors and that he'll have to bear any costs for removing the smokey smell at the end of his lease.

12 months beats 9 and as an earlier posted said, fireman is more likely to renew if he's happy, couple probably don't want to be renters forever.
I would choose the fireman on the condition he signed up for either an 8 month or 20 month Lease, such that your place is available in January.

Having to renew in May sux.
I would ask the couple to sign a 12 month lease. At least that way you will find out why they want a 9 month lease. The fireman who smokes would worry me - don't some of them start fires themselves :confused:?? Just kidding!! It was a joke!