Who changes and pays for light globes?

A recent property report from our PM mentioned that there were about three light globes that needed replacing. I was under the impression that the tenants were supposed to do this. Who's responsibility is it to pay and change them?
I think if you read up, you will find that it is the Landlords responsibility, however, in saying that, I have never once been asked to change light bulbs, and if I was, that tenant would be out on their ear as soon as practical.

If my PM had a request for this I would be telling them to tell the tenant to do it.
I thought it's the tenant's responsibility, but the LL needs to make sure all work at the start of the lease. If after changing a globe, the light still doesn't work, then an electrician is needed.

I think also that very high lightfittings are an exception, eg above a stairwell, void etc.

Maybe a PM can clarify?

I also have never been asked by my PMs to change a globe.
One of our townhouses in Brisbane is tenanted by Uni students from Asia. They expect the on site managers to change the light bulbs, but as they pay very well, it works out.
Technically I believe it IS the landlord's responsibility, though many tenants do it themselves.

Something to watch out for with expensive downlight and other long-life bulbs becoming more expensive.
Thus if you are unable as a landlord to change them , ( eg you are interstate with different properties) then the cost of a handyman becomes an added cost if your bulbs blow regularly ,particularly the 6 x 15w type which blew every few months in one place I had.
can it be explicitly stated in the lease or does the tenancy act have over riding condtions.
I just queeried the PM team and they said they would get back to me. Their initial thoughts are that regular light bulbs the tenants do and the specialty ones eg heat lights and ? are the landlord's responsibility. Still all too vague for me. It will be interesting to see what their response is.
We do in one property because the ceilings are about 11 feet high.

We did have another tenant in a different property, but he was a weasel.
All our other tenants do it themselves, and sometimes take them with them when they move :)
Ha! I have a 'friend' who rents and she calls the pm to change the lightbulbs even in her table lamps. I would have thought that non fixture lamps would be the tenants responsibility, but she is paying top dollar and thinks she deserves it. Lol!:D
There is nothing in the standard Tenancy Agreement or NSW Tenancy Act which covers this item. I would suspect that the matter would be given the same consideration as smoke detectors that is, they must work at the start of the tenancy and are the responsibilty of the tenant for the duration.

If a tenant is physically unable to replace the globes the responsibility would be the landlords.

If the fitting is damaged it would be the landlords responsibility to make the necessary repair.

If the lamp or fitting was a specialty item then the responsibility would remain with the landlord.
Last couple of places I rented (in NSW and ACT) it was the tenants responsibility - along with tap washers if they needed replacing at the ACT residence (which I thought was weird, but it was expressly laid out).
Who's responsibility is it to pay and change them?

As a service to my valuable clients, I always have a carton of light bulbs and a ladder in my van, so I can go over at a moments notice to change whatever they wish whenever they wish. I consider it all part of the service I provide as a Landlord.

I usually leave a little chocolate mint on their pillows and always go around later to make them a warm cup of cocoa before tucking them in at night. They pay me top dollar rent, even up to 3%, so it's the least I can do in return.
.....but seriously,

In WA, have a look at the authority's website under "Once you have moved in" last paragraph ;

Except where your lease says differently, you are responsible for basic household maintenance (e.g. replacing light bulbs, cleaning windows, dusting, removing cobwebs inside and outside) and garden maintenance, such as watering, mowing, weeding, pruning and fertilising.

I nearly fell off my chair when I read this....it actually states that the Tenant has to do more than just breathe and sip coffee. Awe inspiring.

The PCR when the tenant moved in should have stated which lightbulbs are intact and operational. When they vacate lightbulbs left non operational, that were operational at the start of the tenancy, can be replaced at the tenants expense. And yes if a handyman is going there anyway I get him to change them so that can be charged to tenant as well, why on earth should I pay for a trip to woolies and my time is climbing on the stepladder.
During the tenancy the tenant is responsible, we itemise it in their leases and explain it to them at signup. Fuses as well. I have only had one tenant request light globes be changed and we explained sorry, your responsilbility.
It wasn't a bit deal when bulbs were 80cents each but now they are 10$ a pop so definintely the tenants job.
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Look carefully...

Always pay attention to the fine print and what the other party left out of the contract.

In QLD, the Act says nothing, and it's up to landlord and tenant to agree. I have compact fluorescent (CF) lightbulbs in all fittings, and the lease states in the special terms that they must be replaced with same upon departure. (Number and type stated in entry condition and exit reports.)

From the RTA website, they say:

Industry standards hold that the lessor/agent is responsible for maintaining specialised bulbs such as fluorescent tubing, expensive globes etc, whilst the tenant is responsible for the replacement of everyday inexpensive globes.​

Given that incandescents are no longer available for sale (at least some of them; they're being phased out), and that you can buy CFs for < $3 if you shop around, I have no problem with requiring tenants to maintain CFs. Standard bayonet or edison screw CF light bulbs are now "everyday inexpensive globes". Halogen or other specialty bulbs may be a different matter, but I deliberately ensured I didn't have any fittings requiring specialised bulbs in the property. :)
Pm got back to me to say that I am responsible for the light globes as they are 'specialty' lighting. When the lease is renewed I will be adding a clause reading that the tenant is responsible for changing the light bulbs.
Pm got back to me to say that I am responsible for the light globes as they are 'specialty' lighting.

how special can they be? you flick the switch and the light goes on?

When the lease is renewed I will be adding a clause reading that the tenant is responsible for changing the light bulbs.

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